Baby Food Coupons – Where to Find Them

By | October 1, 2013

Why We Need Baby Food Coupons

My niece Amarantha has just turned 6 months old today and my sister is asking me on how to start Amarantha on baby food and where I get baby food coupons. She is very excited because she waited until Amarantha is 6 months old to give her her first solid food even if other mothers are feeding their babies as early as 4 months old.

The reason behind this was that my daughter Fifi got allergies when I started feeding her solid foods at 5 months. Even if the pediatrician told my sister that she could already feed her, she opted to wait because she’s afraid that what happened to my Fifi will happen to Amarantha too.

But now that Amarantha is 6 months, we’re all set for our baby food and collecting baby food coupons. My daughter Fifi is now 4 years old but she grew up on cheap baby foods. This doesn’t mean Fifi wasn’t able to taste expensive and branded bottled baby food, organic baby food and home-made baby food. In fact, she tried all of the food in the baby food pyramid guide and I was able to give her all of these varieties of food because I collect baby food coupons!

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Where to Get Baby Food Coupons

I told my sister that she has to to know all the companies that sell baby food and research on their websites. She has to sign up on their e-mail distribution list. The companies that manufacture baby food create this e-mail list so they can send out updates and latest promotions. This is also where they give out discount coupons. With these coupons, a jar of baby food doesn’t cost me more than $1. Yes, it’s a steal if you get these coupons so go ahead and sign up in their e-mail list.

I also use Ebay. There are discount resellers who sell coupons for very cheap prices . They are able to do this because they buy in bulk and so they receive huge discounts. They pass this discount to people who bid on Ebay. Before getting too excited though, I check if the seller has a good reputation and is legitimate.

Magazines and other print materials related to parenting are also places where I always find coupons for baby food. Usually when there’s an article about babies, the ads below or besides the article include printable coupons. I cut all of them, collect them, put them in a plastic organizer and always bring that organizer whenever I go shopping for baby food and other baby stuff.

My sister called me up and excitedly shared that for her first solid food meal, Amarantha had pureed squash and she loved it. Tonight, Amarantha’s having this bottled jar of baby food my sister got for $0.55 with her baby food coupons. If you’re baby’s starting on on baby food, you don’t have to splurge on branded baby food in the market. All you need are some discount coupons and you’ll feed your baby the most nutritious solid food for the cheapest price.

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