Baking with your Kraft Mayo Coupon

By | March 23, 2013

Two of the major ingredients in baking are eggs and oil, but you can actually do your baking without these by using a Kraft Mayo coupon. Consider the ingredients that are in mayonnaise. The two main ones are of course, eggs and oil. For this reason, it makes sense that you could substitute mayonnaise in your baked goods and use your Kraft Mayo coupon to save money. People who have done this say that no one can tell the difference. Your cakes still bake up moist and delicious like you followed the instructions on the box. If you are ever out of eggs or oil when it is baking time around your house, be sure to give this great substitute a try!

Mayonnaise Cake

The fact that the main components of Kraft Mayo are eggs and oil haven’t escaped the grasp of everyone. It is people like these who decided that it would be a great idea to make a cake specifically using mayonnaise as an ingredient. There are many variations on this cake, but the most common one is a chocolate mayo cake. It is quite simple and the ingredients are almost the same except a portion of mayo is added instead of the eggs and oil. This and many other mayo cake recipes can be found online. If you are well stocked with mayo and looking for an excuse to use your Kraft Mayo coupon, be sure to give this unique and tasty treat a try.

Discounts without a Kraft Mayo coupon

There are many ways to get discounts on Kraft Mayo. The most common way is with a coupon; however these may not always be available. In order to get the savings you want without a coupon you have to shop carefully. Check the local sales papers and see which store is having a sale on the item you want. Go to this store and make your purchase or go to a store that offers price matching. You can also try buying in bulk. This costs a little more up front but can save you a lot of money without a Kraft Mayo coupon.

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