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By | January 9, 2014

For those individuals living in the state of Arizona, they are certain to be familiar with Barro’s Pizza and all that they bring to the communities they reside in. It’s almost like Arizona’s little secret as all 31 locations are located inside that state. It’s a shame that Barro’s Pizza, with the original combination of thick and fluffy crust, paired with a perfected tangy and sweet, spiced sauce, can’t be found anywhere else for the other 49 states to test out what Arizonians call the best pizza on earth. Recently making the Hulafrogs list of Top 10 Kid Friendliest restaurants, Barro’s Pizza has a lot going for them right now as the go-to family restaurant in the Valley. They continue to be awarded prices for their commitment to their customers, great food and an exciting atmosphere for all their patrons. They offer special Barros Pizza coupons from time to time as a thank you to the customers that put them on the map.

Barro’s Pizza dates back to 1913 in Sarconi, Italy when a family recipe was born through the trials and tribulations of Grandma Angeline Barro who was making pizza in her own home. Eventually the recipe was perfected and passed down through the generations until it was turned into a family business that focuses on great taste and customer satisfaction. Many patrons agree with Barro’s Pizza by commenting, “enjoy your pizza while your kids play video games and other toys designed with you in mind”. It continues to be a wonderful place for families to come and share a meal together while also engaging in games to pass the time as the pizza is being prepared.

Barro’s Pizza has more than just pizza on tap as they also serve wings, sandwiches, pasta, and salads. However, pizza is their forte and for regular customers they offer both lunch special and daily specials to grab for an extremely affordable price. On your lunch break, get one slice of pizza for $1.75, one slice and a drink for $2.50, or two slices and a drink for just $4.00. Daily specials include two large one item pizzas for $17.99, one large one item pizza and 24 wings for $22.49, or one extra large one item pizza for $23.99. These are everyday special rates for special customers that don’t require a Barro’s Pizza coupon.

Banking on Barro’s Pizza Coupons Early and Often

Barro’s Pizza certainly wants to keep you as a customer and understands that keeping prices affordable for all families will lead them to success. That’s why it’s common to find Barros Pizza coupons in multiple places on their homepage and through mailers. I will point out the top places to find Barro’s Pizza coupons so you’ll never go in empty-handed or pay more than you should at your favorite pizza joint in the Phoenix area.

Upon accessing their homepage, you will be presented with the opportunity to join their EClub. Simply enter your email address so Barro’s Pizza can keep in touch with you and send exclusive deals strictly for EClub members. Expect to get a wide range of Barro’s Pizza coupons, from a free appetizer all the way to a whole pizza to share with your family and friends. As Barro’s Pizza is also active in the community, you will receive emails about upcoming events where they will be making an appearance. Make sure to keep the Barro’s Pizza email on your list to avoid losing them in your junk mail.

Valpak is the next best bet for Barro’s Pizza coupons. These are the types that come in the mailbox in a big envelope with other restaurant or product coupons. Barro’s Pizza advertises quite a bit so you can pretty much count on receiving a coupon from them every time you receive Valpak. Make sure to save the Barro’s Pizza ones in particular and put them in a safe place to remember them on your next pizza night.

Finding a Barro’s Pizza Coupon from Facebook

The Barro’s Pizza Facebook fan page is a neat place to hang out and converse with other fans who are passionate about Barro’s Pizza menu items. Often the social media department will post events or contest to get people excited about a free item. They also aren’t strangers to posting contests to get people a free Barro’s pizza coupon. A most recent Facebook post mentions they are less than 100 followers away on their Twitter account to giving out free wings to multiple Twitter followers. As soon as they reach 600 followers, wings will become free!

Be sure to make Barro’s Pizza your next stop for scrumptious food offerings from the pizza joint that gets it right. Make sure that you take advantage of Barro’s Pizza coupons by utilizing the listed options above, such as signing up for their EClub to receive discounts via email and sort through your Valpak mailer to find one that fits your family’s needs. Seek them out on Facebook to participate in contests and engage others who might have suggestions for you. It’s all about putting in a little effort now to reap the benefits later. Barro’s Pizza is onboard and ready to make their pizza even more affordable by providing Barro’s Pizza coupons for you every day, all day long.

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