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By | February 17, 2015

If you’re truly looking for exquisite colors and innovation for your home and home projects, choosing Benjamin Moore as your paint supplier is an easy choice. From decorative painting projects to painting your furniture to wall tattoos and paints to sell your home, Benjamin Moore has you covered. Choose to do it yourself or get professional advice on specific design ideas….it’s up to you. One aspect you can count on from Benjamin Moore is a commitment to producing the highest quality paint and finishes in the industry. These products can be had with ease and one of hundreds of knowledge, independent retailers across the country that will be there for any customer service related questions and service inquiries.

Benjamin Moore founded his paint company in 1883 and more than a century later, Benjamin Moore & Co. has grown in innovation, technology and leadership and continues to inspire homes across the country. They stand on the leading edge of technology and build products to last that beautify and preserve our homes from day one. Using feedback from proud customers, they work to improve their portfolio of paints and finish each year to serve the community even better. Being the number one choice of interior designs doesn’t come easy but the appreciation from consumers with unabashed inspiration and support makes the drive worth it.

Benjamin Moore puts their commitment to color in the hands of independent retailers to sell their paints, but also entrust them to serve the community by giving customers confidence about their select of colors and their ability to receive the best results they can. They are a company that loves to give back and you will see them protect the environment and support programs that enrich the community they reside in. In addition, they make sure their products are affordable by offering Benjamin Moore coupons to their customers so make it easier on their wallets. This is an extremely generous offering that helps them said alone from the rest of the paint industry. Let me point out a number of places to find a Benjamin Moore paint coupon today.

Benefitting From Benjamin Moore Coupons

Besides finding a wealth of information from the Benjamin Moore homepage including advice, online paint colors, painting ideas, and a how-to section, a consumer can find opportunities to save by browsing their website. By providing your email address in the bottom right hand side of the homepage, you are eligible to receive exclusive offers, promotions, news and Benjamin Moore coupons right in your inbox. It’s as simple as that and you have to do is signup where it says, “Newsletter Sign-Up”. Start there to receive consistent helpful information and big-time saving opportunities today.

External Benjamin Moore Coupon Locations

While somewhat light on finding a Benjamin Moore coupon throughout their site, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t ones to be found elsewhere. In fact, there are plenty, starting with their fabulous Facebook fan page. Become a fan of Benjamin Moore through the social media giant and join a community of Benjamin Moore lovers who share their experiences with other rapid fans. Peruse a healthy dose of wonderful pictures that display the paint colors you’re looking for. Have color chats, join events and engage with like-minded people who love Benjamin Moore as much as you. Be sure to be on the lookout for special Facebook-only offers, such as when you buy 2 gallons of Regal Select paint at your local Benjamin Moore retailer, get a free Affinity Colors Fan Deck. This, and many other giveaways, is commonplace on their Facebook page so get involved now and save money on your next purchase or walk away with a valuable freebie.

In addition, places like and are two hot couponing sites that list hundreds, if not thousands, of coupons regularly to their loyal list of followers. More times than not, finding a Benjamin Moore coupon here is a good bet. In fact, today, each site has a $5 off Benjamin Moore printable coupon that you can easily print up from your home computer and take to your nearest independent Benjamin Moore retailer to apply to your order. These types of Benjamin Moore coupons make life easier for buyers who are tight on extra cash and can use a discount. Especially pay attention in the new year for Benjamin Moore coupons in 2013 due to special new year savings.

It’s important to take full advantage of Benjamin Moore’s website to learn all you can about your project and get help in choosing the right paint colors. There’s more than enough information there to handle your dilemmas without hesitation. Benjamin Moore takes pride in being able to ask your question quickly and efficiently as they also utilize an 800 number for any other service related questions that can’t be answered online.

When it comes to seeking out Benjamin Moore coupons, start by becoming part of the Benjamin Moore family by signing up for their Email Newsletter. Trek on over to their Facebook fan page and become a full-fledged fan along with 375,000 others. Make your way onto other external coupon sites that specialize in finding deals on Benjamin Moore paint as well. Using these methods will provide you with the best chance to save and make your painting project more affordable. Start today with Benjamin Moore paint and end up with a completed project that ends up impressing you above and beyond your ever imagined.

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