Boston Pizza Coupons

By | June 20, 2014

Who doesn’t love freebies? Boston Pizza, your favorite gourmet pizza restaurant is now offering various coupons on your favorite small, medium or large-sized Italian wonder.

A lot of restaurants use this promo to encourage more diners to choose them – it is a cheaper alternative, when you think about it. The best thing about getting one Boston Pizza Coupons is that you do not only save money, you get to dig in some of their amazing specialties.

Boston Pizza CouponsThey offer various types of Boston Pizza Coupons. One of these is their regular gift card which starts at only $25. There is also a $50 and $100 card which can be redeemed at any branch of this restaurant. The best thing about these things is that nearly everything in their menu can be ordered unlike in some restaurants wherein the management excludes certain parts of their menu. Besides the regular card, you can also have other discount and freebies coupons such as get this kind of pizza and receive an appetizer completely free of charge. There are absolutely more. Now, the question is, where do you get these?

Well, you can go to any Boston Pizza branches and ask if you can avail of one. You can also visit their website and buy the coupon online. You will be saving so much and enjoying your dining experience when you have a discount coupon or card in hand.

One of the most famous names when it comes to great gourmet pizzas is Boston Pizza. This amazing pizza place originated from Canada but already has several franchises in various regions in the United States and Mexico.

There are a variety of pizza that they serve like The Pepper, the Meateor and Great White North. The prices are pretty reasonable as well considering that you will never taste anything as wonderful. If you want to add extra toppings like cheese or other meat and vegetables, all you need to do is add a maximum of $2.50 – a great deal in itself already! Besides these, you can enjoy some of their delectable appetizers and desserts in their menu. There is a for the kids section in their menu because they know what the little ones you have in tow really want.

This restaurant treats all the food that they serve as their specialty so you can be sure that you are wholly satisfied. Today, there are over fifty branches just in the United States. For an establishment which started abroad, this is already an indication of how great their meals really are.

Have you ever tried the Great White North, Spicy Perogy and Rustic Italian? Well if you haven’t yet; go visit a Boston Pizza place near you. These are only three of their most wanted and must-have flavors in their menu.

This food haven was started by Gus Agiortis, a Greek immigrant in Canada (Edmonton, Alberta) half a decade ago, specifically in 1964. After just four years, it expanded within the western part of Canada, having 17 franchises. It didn’t take long for it to spread towards other parts of the country and now boast over 300 branches.

The most amazing thing is that it crossed the border and is now competing with other very well-known pizza places in the United States. This development in the company’s success began in Dallas, Texas where they also have the main headquarters south of Canada. Today, there are over 50 branches spread around the country and two more in Mexico.

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