Buffalo Wild Wings Coupons

By | January 20, 2015

A good Buffalo Wild Wings Coupon is what you need today to get to their Wild Wings Bar & Grill and enjoy those tasty chicken wings.  Eat them up, scarf them down, whatever and however you choose to do it, just get down there and get dirty and messy with that buffalo wing sauce.  How often do you get a chance to get the awesome combination of traditional buffalo wings and great tasting beer, all under one roof.  I can tell you from experience that there aren’t many places that have it.

For those of you who don’t know already and as a professional buffalo chicken wings taster I will give you a little bit of history as to where the hot wings recipe came about.  So pay close attention so you too can seem like the person with all the knowledge of how these hot wings and hot wing recipes were invented.

According to history and it’s witnesses the name Buffalo Wings comes from where else but Buffalo, New York in the good ole’ USA.  The wonderful person to give credit to is Ms. Teressa Belissimo which means beautiful in Italian and that she is a beautiful person for delighting us all with her invention.  There, late one night in the Anchor Bar that she owned along with her husband Frank Lenz she prepared a quick dish for her son, Dominic, who had just arrived at the bar with some of his college friends.  Dominic and his college buddies were thirsty and drink, they did.  But when they became hungry, oh what to do?  That is when Ms. Teressa pulled out of the cooler some chicken wings.  She then fried them and devised a buffalo wing sauce that she coated the buffalo wings with.  Then bang!  There you have it Buffalo Wings and then came along Buffalo Wild Wings.  Isn’t this just great how things work?

Sometimes, there are things that are just so great sitting right in front of you that you miss them.  Just like the Buffalo Wild Wings Coupon get it and save some money when you dine at the Buffalo Wild Wings Bar and Grill.  I don’t know what exactly they put into their hot wing sauce recipe or how they try the buffalo wild wing to taste so good, but whatever they do, keep doing it.  I hope you enjoy your buffalo wings and things as much as I do.

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