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Grocery Coupon Usage

Grocery Coupon Codes: Coupon codes are offered as incentive for online savings and are usually employed with overall shopping cart savings. There are a variety of coupon code websites, and the codes can be used at some of the biggest retail chains and online stores. Make sure, however, that you know all the details for the specific coupon… Read More »

Grocery Coupons Online

Grocery Coupons and the Economy: Because of the unstable state of the world economy, you might have noticed that grocery prices overall have increased dramatically. Both food and beverage distributors are increasing their wholesale prices to grocery retailers, which is why prices at your local grocery store are rising. Obviously, the majority of people don’t have income increases… Read More »

New Grocery Coupons

About Grocery Coupons: Grocery coupons were first introduced in 1895, when C.W. Post, the creator of the health food cereal Grape Nuts, created and distributed a one-cent coupon for his product. But coupons were really popularized in the 1930s, when the Great Depression saw many families looking to save money any way they could. In the 1940s, when… Read More »