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By | June 10, 2013

Brief History of The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory truly is a great place to eat at. Whether you’re going for the cheesecake itself or for their awesome lunch and dinner menu, there’s sure to be something the whole family will enjoy.

The Cheesecake Factory currently has 149 restaurants spread throughout 34 states here in the U.S. It wasn’t always such a huge chain though. The beginning of the company started in the late 1940s when Evelyn Overton opened a small cheesecake shop in Detroit, Michigan. She unfortunately had to give it up though to raise her 2 children.

Once her 2 children had grown up, Evelyn and her husband Oscar moved to Los Angeles and started the business again there. A few years later, their son David opened the restaurant in Beverly Hills which has now grown into the huge national chain that it is today.

Finding a Cheesecake Factory Coupon

Since eating at the restaurant can be a bit expensive depending on how many people you’re buying for, it’s always a good idea to try and bring a Cheesecake Factory coupon when you visit so that you can save as much as possible.

Where can you find these coupons though?

The first thing I recommend you do is download this “Coupon Alert” toolbar. Basically it’s just a toolbar that installs right into your browser and it alerts you whenever new coupons are available. There are tons of different restaurants and stores included with it, so you should be able to find some coupons for the Cheesecake Factory along with all the other places you shop or dine at. The best part is, it’s 100% free to download and completely safe!

Another place that I have found to be a great source of Cheesecake Factory coupons is those entertainment books that you can buy. Usually they are only like $20 and there’s thousands of dollars in coupons in these books. You will easily recoup your investment in just a few restaurant visits. There is a huge variety of restaurants too so you won’t run out of options of places to use coupons at.

Yet another really great source for finding a Cheesecake Factory coupon is those dedicated coupon sites. Places like FatWallet,, RetailMeNot, and so on are really great sites to use. They are pretty much ran by the community because whenever someone finds a coupon for a certain place, they post it so everyone else can download it for their own use. These sites are great for finding printable coupons as well as coupon codes.

The final way to track down Cheesecake Factory coupons is through your local paper or coupon magazine. If you get the Sunday paper and look through the ads, you can find tons of coupons for different stores and restaurants in your area. There are sometimes a few really great coupons for the Cheesecake Factory in these.

Hopefully this article gave you some good ideas on where to find a Cheesecake Factory coupon. We will be posting more updates and deals in the near future so remember to check back periodically. Thanks for reading!

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