Choosing The Perfect Garnet Hill Bedding For Kids

By | March 23, 2013

Garnet Hill kids bedding offers warm and comfortable bedding for your little ones. There are plenty of designs and styles to choose from that are suitable for both boys and girls of different ages. The designs can be matched with any painting color or theme-inspired bedroom interior.

If you are trying to figure out what’s the best Garnet Hill kids bedding for your kid, here are some of their coolest designs you may want to take in consideration.

  • Paintball Flannel – This design of Garnet Hill kids bedding works for both boys and girls. The pure cotton made flannel gives an extra coziness on your kid’s sleeping time. This Garnet Hill kids bedding has a white background painted with bold splatters all over. They come in light and dark colors to match different tastes of the kids.
  • Flower Fairies Percale – If you’re looking for a Garnet Hill kids bedding that is fairyland inspired, then this design is the perfect one for you. Give your little princess a feel of the fairyland with this white-colored bedding that’s full of flowers sprinkled with fairy dust.
  • Rockets Percale – Made of a quality fabric that gets softer and smoother after every wash, this Garnet Hill kids bedding is intentionally made for your little dreamer boy. The sheet is made of a combed-cotton painted with rockets, stars and planets.
  • Dot to Dot Flannel – The sophistication of polka dots is becoming very famous these days. This Garnet Hill kids bedding comes in multiple colors and styles. If you want a bedding that can be suitable for any kind of room design and theme, this exclusive design of Garnet Hill kids bedding is the perfect one for you. The soft fabric is crafted in Portugal that makes its whimsical prints stand out among the other brands of kids bedding.
  • Elementary Design – This design of Garnet Hill kids bedding is an alternative to the dot to dot flannel. It’s also made of polka dots but they are all in white color with different background colors. Unlike the dot to dot flannel that has different dot colors with a plain white background.

When looking for a kids bedding, one factor to consider is how comfortable the fabric is to the skin. Garnet Hill kids bedding uses pure cotton fabrics on all of their designs. They maintain the 200 plus thread counts to keep the bedding warm enough for a comfortable sleeping time.

The hypoallergenic factor of Garnet Hill kids bedding is also a great deal for kids with sensitive lungs. So even if your kid is asthmatic, you don’t have to worry about their sleep-time anymore.

There’s a danger when the bedding is not well-fitted on the bed. Kids move a lot when they sleep so when the bedding is not well-fitted, there’s a risk that they may slide down and fall off the bed. Garnet Hill kids bedding are made with full elasticity to ensure a better fit. All their beddings can accommodate up to 12” size of bed or mattresses.

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