Cutting and Sorting Propel Coupons

By | April 9, 2013

There is a stack of Propel coupons as well as a bunch of grocery coupons that need to be cut out and filed. But you just don’t feel like it, so you think you can put it off. Don’t! By leaving coupons to stack up and leave unfiled is just like throwing money down the toilet and flushing. Unfiled and unsorted coupons end up getting lost and never used before their expiration date, meaning you could have saved money but chose not to. Cutting and sorting coupons is easy to do when you know how.

Cutting Propel Coupons Out Right Away

As soon as you have your Sunday newspaper insert in your hand, begin to cut it up. As soon as the coupons are cut, place them in corresponding stacks to the categories you have in the box. This way you don’t cut them up in to one big pile and leave the sorting and filing for another day. Cut and sort in one step to save time.

Filing Propel Coupons

When you have a Propel coupon, you might not know exactly where to file it. Do you have a specific tab for water bottles? IF so, it goes there. When you do not, the Propel coupons can be placed under beverages, miscellaneous items or even under kids if your kids happen to be the ones who drink the most flavored water.

As you are filing the printed and online coupons in to their categories, you also need to do it by the date. The coupon in the front of the section should be the ones that expire first. That way, each time you go to the category you know which coupons need to be used up or risk having them expire before your next shopping trip. Sometimes it is better to use the coupon and stock up on an item if you use it often rather than throw it away. If you absolutely will not use it, then think about giving it away to a friend who will use it. You never know, they might offer you a coupon in return. Propel coupons can save you money on water or they could even get you brownie points with a friend!

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