Donating Velveeta Coupons

By | April 18, 2013

There are Velveeta coupons sitting in your coupon box that you know you and your family will never get to. No one cares for the processed cheese too much these days, even though they used to love it, so what do you do with those coupons? They seem too valuable to just throw away. The answer is that you can donate a Velveeta coupon to several locations where it will be appreciated and used.

Give Velveeta Coupons to Non-Profit Groups

Does your church or one near you provide any type of food pantry service to the needy? If they buy the groceries themselves to hand out, then they will appreciate cheese coupons where they can save a chunk of their money. The farther their money goes, the more people they can help and provide services to. Since cheese is a staple in many pantries, a coupon will make large purchases of it less expensive.

Another way to donate Velveeta coupons is to find a group that actually prepares meals for kids or adults. When they cook the food, they have to spend money on certain supplies. Coupons will help them determine what food to buy so that they can save the most amount of money possible. While your coupon might not seem like much of a donation, it can certainly stretch their budget. The more a budget can stretch, the more people that were previously hungry can be fed. Donating cheese coupons might not seem like a big deal to you, but for someone who is hungry it is. Your Velveeta coupons can make a bigger difference in someone’s life when you don’t throw them away.

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