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By | October 17, 2013

When was your last eye exam? Are you putting it off because of the expense? If you get an eye exam coupon it will lower the cost on exam that is needed but often neglected. If you don’t have insurance and eye exam can cost between $65 and $85. Even if you have insurance, it may be a hassle to get to a doctor for an exam.

Do you know what else is a hassle?

  • Not being able to see clearly
  • Looking at printed words and not being able to make the out
  • Blurry or fuzzy vision
  • Spots in front of the eyes
  • Tired and strained eyes
  • Headaches

These things are all hassles associated with problem eyes. The best thing is you are only required to get an eye exam once per year to keep your eyes well maintained. If you feel your vision is worth it, then get an eye exam coupon and go have your eyes checked out.

There are many places that perform eye exams and accept eye exam coupons. You can get an eye exam from LensCrafters. In their special offers section you can search for coupons on eye exams. They also have a great section on eyeglass coupons and specials as well. For your convenience, you can sign up for an exam right on their site.

It is easy to get EyeMasters eye exam coupon. All you have to do is sign up for them. Go to their official website and register. Whenever they have a sale or eye glasses or a free eye exam offer you will get a notice by email. Sorry but EyeMasters is not available in every state, please check availability.

Wal-Mart has a Vision center you can visit for great savings. You can go directly to their site on the first page is a slider with all of their current coupons and discounts. There is a wide variety of exams for you to choose from. When free eye exam coupons are available, you will find them there.

You may feel that’s not enough for you. You may want to know where else to search for the illusive eye exam coupons. Well, I spoke with my sister and she is an insurance claims adjuster with a big Eye Care center. This is what she told me. Do not go online looking for a free eye exam coupon unless it is from a reputable big chain eye store because many of the little sites have coupons that are fraudulent. The best place to find them is in the newspaper. It is the best place to find eye exam coupons or affordable eye exams.

If you want to catch the best deals on eye exam you need to watch TV. Yes, the best discounts, an eye exam coupon and sales are announced on TV through commercials. As far as getting a free eye exam, there aren’t many places where they are still available. You can get one an America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses. However, it’s available with a purchase of two pair of glasses.

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