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By | October 6, 2013

Getting the suggested levels of fiber might result in many healthy rewards! Fiber can assist keep the digestive system running smoothly and might aid in weight management.

That’s why, from breakfast to lunch to dinner and with plenty of snacks in between, nobody makes obtaining the nutritional benefits of fiber as delicious as Fiber One.

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That’s also why Fiber One has been recognized for taste, nutrition and commitment to health and fitness. After all, what good would Fiber One be if people didn’t like to eat it?

Who couldn’t use much more Fiber in their diet plan? Fiber One provides a lot of options in their products to increase your fiber in take along with having their items taste great! Fiber One coupons come in a selection of cereal, chewy bars, yogurt, and much more 🙂

My family members eats lots of cereal. When I say a lot of cereal, I mean a lot of cereal. We go through easily 3-4 boxes per week between the four of us. Cereal get eaten for breakfast and sometimes lunch and/or dinner if the kids aren’t interested in what I’ve created. Simply because it’s such a staple in my home, it’s turn out to be a challenge for me to find cereals that my family members will eat, but will still provide them with the daily nutritional requirements that I know they need. One of the items that I try to pick up as often as I can is Fiber One cereal. The Honey Clusters and Raisin Bran Clusters varieties are sweet, so they are generally winners. Plus, I know that they’ve vitamins A and E also as 11 grams of fiber per cup.

Fiber One Bars are also a staple, but not for my family members – for me! I have a major stockpile of Chocolate & Oats, Peanut Butter, and Caramel Fiber One Bars in my basement. I keep them in my car, in my purse, and in my diaper bag as a quick and tasty meal when I’m on the go. Love �em!

Fiber One Goods are regularly on sale at the Safeway family of stores (Dominick’s, Tom Thumb, Randall’s, Von’s, and Genuardi’s). Check your local ad for more details.

To help 1 Couponing For 4 reader get their every day dose of fiber in a tasty way, Fiber One through MyBlogSpark is giving away a $25 Safeway Gift Card, a free Fiber One Cereal coupon, and a a free Fiber One Bars coupon!

At Fiber One we believe in delicious. Delicious, melt-in-your-mouth chewy bars. Creamy, delicious yogurt. The unbelievable taste of crunchy clusters with sweet honey.

Yes, we believe in life tasting great. Almost as much as we believe we all need to get much more fiber in our diets.

So that is how we’ve designed every 1 of our goods. High in fiber, filled with delicious taste. Fiber One cereal, chewy bars, yogurt and much more are so impossibly delicious, so mouth wateringly delightful, you’ll start looking forward to a day that is filled with fiber!

Please always check if the coupon is within the expiry date. As soon as a coupon is marked as “expired” it could mean that you will not be able to redeem your discount on the coupon !!!!

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