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By | January 9, 2015

IHOP well-known for its delicious buttermilk pancakes, serves over 700 million pancakes a year!  Apart from the pancakes, they also offer great breakfast food choices from French toast, waffles, sandwiches, hamburgers, crepes, and omlettes to soups, salads & more.  IHOP regularly offers free IHOP coupons, promotional discounts and deals throughout the year and also free IHOP pancakes and other menu items on some special days such as the Veteran’s day. This page provides additional information and resources for finding free IHOP coupons and other promotional offers from IHOP.

The cost of living has really got higher with the current shambles in the economy.  In such a situation, we all want to save money and with the free IHOP coupons, money saving gets bit easier on all the purchases you make every week.  Using these coupons can save you from stretching your budget while letting you have your delicious breakfast food items at IHOP.  After all, why would you not enjoy the discounts and save your money when you can get them with the help of these free IHOP coupons?

While some believe that getting the IHOP discount coupons is a lot of hassle, as well as clipping the coupons and keeping them in place can be a time consuming task, the scenario has completely changed now.  Now you will not have to wait for your Sunday newspaper and cut out coupons from them as with the Free IHOP Coupons; you can save in the modern way.  All you need to do before you visit IHOP next time is simply visit one of the many coupon websites on the internet such as and, search for printable Free IHOP Coupons and get them printed on your home printer.  At most of these coupon sites, there is no need to sign up for membership.  So you don’t have to worry about your e-mail box getting flooded with  spam from scores of mailing lists.  And, definitely you don’t need to check your post box too in search of the glossy coupons.

To get an access to the promotions offered by IHOP, you can simply visit the official IHOP website, or the restaurant’s Twitter & Facebook pages.  Facebook fans and Twitter followers may receive exclusive promotional offers and deals occasionally – directly from IHOP.

You can also enter IHOP’s ongoing promotions that include a free meal just for signing up for IHOP’s free Pancake Revolution e-club.  To become a member, simply go to the official IHOP website and click on Join the Revolution on the right side of the page.  Fill in the short questionnaire and get entitled to free meal coupon with the membership information sent to the e-mail you provided.  You will also receive a free meal coupon on birthday and 1-year anniversary. Special coupons and discounts will also be offered throughout the year if you become their member.

IHOP keeps printing BOGO coupons in the coupon supplement that comes along with the Sunday newspapers.  It also offered $ 5 coupon with every $ 25 gift card purchased in the restaurant during the holiday season in 2010.  As a part of their initiative to generate donation for the Children’s Miracle Network IHOP distributed a short stack of pancakes free to each & every IHOP customer on the National Pancake Day on March 11, 2011.

Lastly, just bookmark this site and keep searching for the Free IHOP Coupons regularly in order to not to miss out on any deal on the printable IHOP Coupons.  This will make your next visit to IHOP a much better experience.

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