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By | October 19, 2013

Gatorade has been known for providing athletes with the right nutrients to keep active. They have a few different lines of drink products to offer you. If you are an athlete, you know that constantly buying Gatorade can get pretty expensive. Let us help you save money with our Gatorade coupons.

The most popular products these days are the ones that are included in the G series. This is a series of products that were created for athletes to stay hydrated throughout their workouts. The first product in the series is the “before” item. It is called 01 prime. This Gatorade product contains carbohydrates and B vitamins. This is meant to be taken 15 minutes before you start your activity or work out. This will help your body burn more carbohydrates than normal during your competition. Some pre-game supplements make you feel full and less energetic. The 01 prime doesn’t make you feel full at all. Instead of being sold in a usual bottle, this product is sold in a small pouch. It is easy to just slip it in your gym bag so you can quickly take it before your work out.

The second product in the Gatorade G series is 02 perform. This item is just like the original Gatorade drinks they have sold in the past. It is filled with electrolytes that help you fight the dehydration your body may start to feel. This drink provides different nutrients to your muscles and your mind while you are in the middle of your work out or competition. This step in the G series is marked as the most researched sports drink in the world. It still has the same look as it used to many years ago. The carbohydrates that are in this Gatorade are meant to stimulate rapid fluid absorption and help your body to push through any obstacles. This Gatorade product is available in all sorts of flavors. They can cater to any ones needs.

There is a low calorie version of the 02 perform. This Gatorade
product has the same great amount of electrolytes but with only 20 calories. This item is made for the athletes who perform in competitions that are not as strenuous on the body. It helps the athlete stay hydrated during their less intense work out. If you are a coach and need a large amount of Gatorade for your team, the G powder is the way to go. You can get the same great nutrients that are in the liquid forms but in a powder. This is great for mixing with water into a large container for a large amount of people. There is also the G2 powder that is sold in individual packages. This is meant for on-the-go people to put in their water bottle for a quick splash of electrolytes, carbohydrates and calories.

The last section of the Gatorade G series is 03 recover. This product is filled with proteins to quench your thirst while recovering your muscles. After a long, hard work out, a nice cold Gatorade 03 recover is the best way to go. It has the electrolytes and carbohydrates like the other steps but also has a good amount of proteins to help build up your muscles.

Taking care of your body is a necessity, especially if you are an active athlete. If you constantly have to buy Gatorade products, use some of our Gatorade coupons to help save you some money. Everyone should be able to afford to take care of themselves.

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