Glad Coupons

By | December 26, 2013

Using Glad coupons is a good way to save money on your next grocery trip. Since Glad thrash bags are popular in many households, there are plenty of good money saving coupons to be found. Whether you are having lots of kids and a big family , so obviously lot of thrash or if you like party very often, finding money saving Glad coupons can be important. Here are a couple of the best types of coupons to look for.

BOGO Glad Coupons

BOGO, or buy one get one coupons, are the most popular ones people look for. With these types of free coupons you can purchase your favorite product and get another one for free. This is a good way to stock up without spending a ton of money. You can find this kind of Glad coupons with a quick search. You can print these out and take them on your next shopping trip with you.

Flat Rate Glad Coupons

The easiest coupons to find are those that give you a flat amount of money off your purchase. For instance, saving 50 cents on a box of Thrash bags. If you combine these types of coupons with double coupon offers that many grocery stores still offer, you can save quite a bit. Many stores will have a certain day every week that they double the coupons you use. So that 50 cent coupon will be worth a dollar on double coupon day. Many stores will limit the savings to a dollar or two, but others won’t. It’s not a bad idea to check your local store for double or triple coupon days before you plan your next trip. This is another great way to maximize the savings the Glad coupons already offers.

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