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By | November 16, 2013

With a history or more than 107 years, the quality of the canned vegetables from Green Giant is definitely guaranteed. In fact, Green Giant is maybe the most important dealer of frozen/canned vegetables, leaving way behind its main competitor, Bonduelle. One of the reasons for Green Giant’s success is because of their marketing strategy, strategy that involves Green Giant coupons, coupons that allow all the Green Giant customers to get their daily need of vegetables almost for free.

The Green Giant saga began in 1903, in Minessota. 108 years later, Green Giant was bought by General Mills, and it makes part of the big General Mills family, among Pillsbury Company and other “green” producers.

This year, they plan to introduce about 7-8 new products, just like they did last year when Value Sized vegetables and Valley Fresh Steamers were released on the market. This year, though, with the help of the Green Giant coupons, there is the hope that there will be bought more than 200 tons of canned vegetables, only in US.

Green Giant Coupons

Speaking of Green Giant coupons, there are several text/image based coupons that are meant to be used by the faithful Green Giants customers. Their value can reach up to $50, therefore some of the coupons can be a real financial reliever for the ones looking forward to ensure their daily dosage of vegetables at a low price.

The first of the Green Giant coupons is the coupon that gives a discount of $0.50 for every 2 Green Giant Frozen Boxed Vegetables. The size doesn’t matter, but in order to beneficiate of this offer, people must buy 2 items.

The second coupon offers its users a ticket that can be used at the Green Giant lottery, therefore a chance to win $25000 cash.

Third and last of the Green Giant coupons offers a free pack of Broccoli and Cheese sauce, whenever the total order Is bigger than $25. That is not hard at all to accomplish, as in order to buy enough vegetables for a whole week, there must be bought multiple products, therefore it is extremely easy to reach $25 and receive a free Broccoli and Cheese Sauce.

Finally, there aren’t too many Green Giant coupons available on the Internet for the moment. Except the above 3, there aren’t any other coupons that are still working. That’s because Green Giant wants to introduce this year several new coupons. But until then, the above ones will do just fine.

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