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By | November 15, 2013

Developed within the late 1990’s, Greenies is a dog chew treat formulated to control dental tartar and plaque, and formulated to taste fantastic while decreasing bad breath. Greenies® are the original green intelligent treat.

Greenies are a brand of green, toothbrush-shaped dog treats developed to maintain dogs’ teeth and gums healthy and control “doggie breath.” Dogs have to do a lot of chewing to obtain through one of the biscuits, which helps to keep their teeth clean and control tartar, and the ingredients are touted as providing better nutrition and poor breath control than other alternatives.

Greenies are created from processed wheat gluten (wheat protein), glycerin, natural flavor, powdered cellulose fiber, monosodium phosphate, monoglycerides of edible fatty acid, magnesium stearate and chlorophyll.

Greenies have come under fire from consumers and some veterinarians, many of whom say they have performed surgery on dogs – including some who didn’t survive – to eliminate chunks of Greenies treat from the esophagus and digestive tract.

Dogs, like human any becoming, have nutritional needs that should be met in their diet. In the event you think dog foods are sufficient for your dogs to remain fit and healthy, you are definitely depriving your dog of the important nutrients and vitamins that they need. If natural food is beneficial to your body, it is but natural to assume that they can be good for your dogs, too. Thus, more and much more dog owners offer their dogs with natural dog treats.

Favorite dog treat is Greenies. Greenies, as the word suggests, is packed with chlorophyll, the green coloring of the plant. Dog owners give Greenies to their dogs to naturally freshen their dog’s breath. Like any natural dog treat, it does not contain preservatives, artificial flavors or colorings. Dog owners find Greenies the effective way to a dog’s fresher breath and cleaner teeth. The dog’s teeth are also cleaned as they chew the food. Consuming Greenies is like a more pleasant way of brushing your dog’s teeth.

In the event you can discover natural dog treat within the groceries, you are able to do so too inside your home. As carrots, apple and celery are great for a human body, they are also good for a dog’s body. These are then probably the most natural dog treats, fresh from your refrigerator or garden. To give your dog a much more special treat, add peanut butter and raw oatmeal to the chopped fresh fruits and vegetables.

Whether or not it is instant or garden fresh dog treat, the important factor is you give your “best friend” the important nutrients and vitamins that his body requirements. It’s a great way of showing how you care for your dog’s well being. Although you invest a little additional for your dog, it is worth it for your unscheduled visits to the vet will definitely be minimized. You don’t only save cash; you’ll also be assured that your dog will live longer and better.

You probably already know that you’re at the number 1 site for dog food coupons. What you most likely didn’t know was that dog food coupons can be utilized for all kinds of pet products including Greenies dog treats. Sign up and find Greenies coupons you can use to save on the unusual treats that strengthen gums, clean teeth and freshen breath. You dog will adore Greenies and won’t even suspect that you’re eliminating the offensive odor that he loves to breathe into your face all of the time.

I love my dog as a lot as you do, but I’m sure you’ll agree that occasionally doggy breath is just an excessive amount of to deal with. That’s why I know you’ll be as pleased as I was to discover out I could download dog food coupons and use them on Greenies treats. My Labrador retriever loves the taste and I love the minty result.

But Greenies are much more than just doggy breath mints, they also contain essential antioxidants and dietary fiber which make them easy to digest and advantageous to your dog’s overall health. Sign up and find Greenies coupons you can take with you the next time you go to the pet store to save loads of cash on these delicious green treats.

Greenies Dental Chews Coupons -Big Save !!

Greenies Dental Chews for Jumbo Dogs are introducing a brand new formula with an even chewier texture and a rounded, “mouth-friendly” style which assists clean teeth down to the gum line.

Greenies are filled with high quality, effortlessly digestible proteins which breakdown into little teeth-cleaning, breath-freshening bits that are easy to swallow and digest.

The new recipe consists of essential vitamins, minerals – including Calcium and Vitamin D for strong bones and teeth – and natural sources of antioxidants.

Additionally, the new recipe has been awarded the Veterinary Oral Well being Council (VOHC) Seal of Acceptance.

Greenies Dental Chews help promote a healthy immune system and are component of a balanced every day diet plan.

When given as soon as a day, Greenies Dental Chews have been shown in studies to reduce tartar by almost 70%, reduce plaque build-up, and effectively assist keep gums healthy.

Greenies Dental Chews for Jumbo Dogs are intended only for dogs weighing 100+ pounds.

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