Grocery Coupon Usage

By | November 19, 2013

Grocery Coupon Codes:

Coupon codes are offered as incentive for online savings and are usually employed with overall shopping cart savings. There are a variety of coupon code websites, and the codes can be used at some of the biggest retail chains and online stores. Make sure, however, that you know all the details for the specific coupon code you use, so that you get the most savings out of it. Many people find that joining a coupon group has some advantages. This allows you to exchange coupons you don’t need with coupons you do need. When you learn to use several different methods of saving on groceries you will be able to budget efficiently to provide your family with the items most needed.

Tips on Grocery Coupons:

Writing out a weekly grocery list is one of the best ways to save money and use coupons most effectively. You won’t tend to buy extra food this way, and if you couple this with really using coupons, you’d be surprised at the savings you can accrue. Go on-line before you write the list so you can see what there is available for coupons week to week. When you sign up with a new coupon site they might offer you a free newsletter. It’s a good idea to receive these newsletters if you want to keep up with the offerings so you can plan accordingly.

Diligence with Grocery Coupons:

There are limits to the number of coupons you can get from some sites. But most sites update on at least a weekly basis, so if you keep checking back in a vigilant fashion, you are bound to find new coupons to use. A lot of these sites have their own coupon printing applications that you may have to download. This is to ensure the authenticity of the coupon, because many people try to scam and turn in fake coupons. These coupon printing applications are perfectly safe to download, so don’t hesitate in putting them on your computer.

Illegal Grocery Coupons:

Believe it or not, there are actually some illegal coupons floating around out there on the internet. Often they can be found at on-line auctions, etc. In 2003, a group of counterfeiters created a whole rash of illegal coupons, many of which offered either high-redemption amounts or even free items. They proceeded to sell these coupons on eBay. Because of this, retailers suffered huge losses and expected further losses. Policies to not accept internet coupons were briefly imposed. Currently there are checks and balances involved in retailers accepting online coupons.

Spotting Illegal Grocery Coupons:

Arriving at your local retail store with an illegal grocery coupon can be embarrassing when you genuinely don’t know that it’s illegal (and downright stupid if you do.) There are ways of spotting an illegal coupon. Legitimate coupons will always have bar codes on them. If a coupon has no bar code or is hard to read, it is most likely fraudulent. If you see a higher than normal redemption amount or “free” items, the coupon is probably illegal. Likewise, if there is no expiration date, the coupon is again most likely a fake. Coupons found online should always look just like the coupons found in your Sunday paper.

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