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By | November 19, 2013

Grocery Coupons and the Economy:

Because of the unstable state of the world economy, you might have noticed that grocery prices overall have increased dramatically. Both food and beverage distributors are increasing their wholesale prices to grocery retailers, which is why prices at your local grocery store are rising. Obviously, the majority of people don’t have income increases coming their way, or else they may even have been recently laid off or suffered from salary reductions. Nearly everyone is struggling with how to keep food costs down.  Clipping grocery coupons is one surefire way to keep costs down. Following are several ways to get free grocery coupons.


Giant Eagle:

Giant Eagle, for example, is a company that offers double manufacturers’ coupons up to ninety-nine cents. If you can find the normal items you would find at your grocery store at Giant Eagle, you can keep your grocery expenditures to a minimum. Signing up for their rewards cards and using manufacturers’ coupons will save you enormous amounts of money, and additionally, you’ll receive $0.20 of a gallon of gas for every $50 you spend at Giant Eagle stores!

Grocery Coupon Websites:

There are also a number of different websites you can sign up for that will notify you when new grocery coupons become available, such as and among others. One such website——is the online equivalent to the coupon section that comes in your Sunday newspaper. These coupons are convenient for computer –users because they can simply browse through the coupon and only select the ones they’ll use for printing out.

Brand Names at Websites:

There are four other sites that will allow you to print coupons directly from their site and for particular brands. allows you to print up to $100 worth of coupons from such brands as Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Huggies, Kelloggs, and Kraft, among others. Upromise allows e-coupons for up to $60 for Palmolive, Post, and Little Debbie and many more. Smart Source offers $70 worth of coupons for Scott, Dole, and Aquafresh, as well as others. And lastly, Red Plum offers $30 toward such brands as Advil, Hefty, and Vaseline in addition to others.

No Registration for Grocery Coupons:

There is no registration for any of these sites. You simply go to the site and click on the banner that offers free grocery coupons. Make sure to enter your zip code, so that the site knows what region you’re in and which coupons are applicable and then you will be taken to the coupon page, where you can select coupons to print out. There is usually a button that allows you to virtually “clip” coupons. So if you see a coupon for $0.50 off for Rice Krispies brand cereal, it can actually be doubled as a $1.00 coupon at a store like Giant Eagle.

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