Hometown Buffet Coupon

By | September 14, 2013

A Hometown Buffet coupon would be like icing on the cake after a wonderful meal at one of the 168 buffets across the country.  What?  You have tried to find a “Hometown Buffet” and can’t find one?  Try looking up their pseudonym “Old Country Buffet” or “Country Buffet”.  All three are owned by the same franchise.

Do you have special dietary needs?  Hometown Buffet prides itself it their wide variety of dietary options available for their customers.  Use your Hometown Buffet coupon when you want to go out to eat and enjoy a wide selection of menu items designed to meet your needs.  Are you on a low carbohydrate diet?  Hometown Buffet offers several meats that are unbreaded and are baked or grilled.  Make your selection from their carved roast beef, baked chicken, taco meat, hot wings, carved salmon, baked fish, and turkey.  Since most vegetables are low in carbohydrates, you have several to choose from as well as you browse the food warmer islands.  Selections include a variety of cooked cabbage dishes, greens, beans, squash, and broccoli. The Hometown Buffet also includes salad bars filled with salads such as Caesar Salads, Tossed Green Salads, or Spring Greens Salads.  All of the salads are rich in nutrients, but low in carbohydrates.

Hungry yet?  Remember to click on the Hometown Buffet coupon before you leave the house!  Maybe it is not your carbs that you have to watch, but rather you need a low fat diet.  Don’t worry!  Hometown Buffet has food selections for you as well.  The roast turkey, chicken, or fish would be a great starting point.  Then peruse the salad bar for not only the salads, but other items such as the fresh onions, mushrooms, beets, broccoli florets, and tomatoes to name a few.  Their homestyle soups also offer you a warm selection on those cooler days.  Choose from chicken noodle, chicken rice, navy bean or even vegetable beef.  All offer only 2 grams of fat per a 4 oz serving.

While you are thinking of places to have dinner, don’t forget to consider the savings that a Hometown Buffet coupon will offer you.  Counting carbs or fat grams might not be necessary for you, but you are diabetic and need to watch your sugar intake.  A healthy diabetic diet includes wise food choice decisions.  You will be able to make those at a Hometown Buffet, Old Country Buffet, or Country Buffet.

Hey, you’re not finished yet!  Looking for that sweet touch to finish off a fantastic meal?  Go hit their dessert bar, you will surely find just what your sweet tooth is looking for there.  Don’t worry, your dessert is included with your dinner.  Choose from their pies, cakes, or go ahead and make yourself an ice cream Sunday!  Don’t forget your cookie while you are at it!

A Hometown Buffet, Old Country Buffet, or Country Buffet near you is just the perfect place for dinner tonight.  Everyone can eat their favorite foods and are not limited to only a few selections being offered.  A  Hometown Buffet coupon will make a sweet deal even sweeter!

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