How to Use Spiruva Coupons at the Drug Store

By | April 16, 2013

Not every coupon was created equally when it was released from the printer’s office, like Spiriva coupons. Sure, it was printed in order to save the consumer some money on the prescriptions they receive, but it needs to be presented differently than how grocery coupons are presented to the cashier at the end of the grocery trek.

In order to know how to use your Spiruva coupon, you need to know where it came from or how to find one in the first place.

Spiruva Coupons From a Doctor

The best source for Spiruva coupons is the doctor. After all, he or she is the one prescribing the medicine in the first place. In order to prescribe more of the medication, drug reps will often visit the doctor offices and hand out free samples and free coupons for that particular kind of medicine. The patient can try it out for free for a few days and then head in to the pharmacy and get the prescription portion filled. Taking the Spiruva coupons to the drug store with you ahead of time is the way to get money taken off your bill at the end.

Spiruva Coupons in Print

It might be a rare occurrence, but a Spiruva coupon can be found online too. The drug manufacturer’s site might have a coupon that is printable directly from their webpage. The COPD sufferer might be browsing on the webpage or reading around on the Internet to find out more about their condition. If they run across the coupon first, it might prompt them to go to the doctor and ask about the medicine, thus resulting in a prescription for it.

Another way to find Spiruva coupons is to look in the Sunday newspaper inserts. The drug manufacturer’s might print a valuable coupon so that their customers remain loyal to the product and not switch to another one coming on the market. If a new product is coming on to the market, they might even print more free coupons as a way to get more attention back to their product.

No matter how you get your Spiruva coupon, take it to the pharmacist as you are dropping your prescription off. The pharmacist and the technicians contact the insurance agency and process your co-pay as they are filling the bottle with the medicine. When they have the coupon up front, they can accurately process your discount, so you aren’t waiting at the end for your new amount.

Spiruva coupons can be applied against your deductible or taken off the price of the prescription if you don’t have coverage. More assistance is provided if you don’t have prescription coverage in the form of more and higher valued Spiruva coupons if you tell your doctor ahead of time.

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