Kellogs Cereal Coupons – Lose Weight With These Printable Free Coupons

By | July 3, 2013

If you are looking to kill two birds with one stone, try using Kellogs cereal coupons to save some money and lose weight by applying those printable free coupons to buying Special K breakfast cereal and taking the challenge they’re always talking about!

I’ve had Special K for breakfast throughout my adult life and I can tell you it does taste good and it’s very light, and if you mix in some fat-free milk which, by the way, tastes really good these days, you can fill your bowl up and still come away eating less than 400 calories for breakfast.

The Special K challenge revolves around substituting breakfast and lunch with this cereal, then eating a normal dinner with some very light snacks in between, namely their protein and health bars. People have reported losing up to 4 pounds every two weeks which is quite sensible by any one’s standards. If you lose more weight than this you’re asking for trouble as pounds have a way of easily finding their way back on your body.

Kellog’s cereal coupons can save you quite a bit of money every year with the many products they have. I know in my household we buy at least 5 different products from them every time we go grocery shopping. My family always makes fun of me because I always seem to be on one diet or another and I lose weight then I gain it back; it simply does not come easy to me.

Anyway, it wouldn’t hurt for me take the Special K challenge and the truth is, for me to lose any significant amount of weight I better start clipping at least 6 month’s worth of Kellogs coupons.

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