Land O Lakes Coupons to Stock Your Pantry

By | February 16, 2013

Land O Lakes coupons can be used for more than just butter or margarine. While most people associate Land O Lakes with this, they offer many more products. You can find Land O Lakes cheese, sour cream, hot cocoa and coffee mixes, seasonings, eggs, and milk products. This can help you keep everything on hand you need to bake or make almost any dinner recipe you can think of.

Drink Mix Coupons

Whether you just want to keep some tasty hot drink options on hand, or are using Land O Lakes recipes that call for cocoa or cappuccino mix, using Land O Lakes coupons can save you money and allow you to keep these in your cabinet. You can choose from Amaretto, French Vanilla, Mocha, and plain cappuccino mixes, or a variety of hot cocoa mixes such as white chocolate, butterscotch, caramel, cinnamon, French vanilla, mint, raspberry and others. You can use Land O Lakes coupons on these drink mixes to make a variety of cakes, fudges, and other sweet recipes, or just enjoy a hot cup of cocoa on a cold, snowy night.

Land O Lakes Coupons for Cheese

You can find printable coupons for many dairy products from Land O Lakes. One of the lesser known products is found in the deli section of your local grocery store. Land O Lakes cheese coupons can save you money on deli sliced cheese. Land O Lakes coupons can be found for American cheese, Cheddar cheese, Hot Pepper cheese, Jalapeno cheese, Swiss cheese, Muenster cheese, and more. The Land O Lakes brand also includes Alpine Lace, which can be found pre-packaged in your grocery stores refrigerated. Snack sized cheese products are also available.

Seasoning Products

One way to keep your family healthy is to find alternatives to traditional salty spices when you cook. You can also use the seasoning products in place of butter when you want extra flavor. Instead of loading a baked potato with butter, consider using the Land O Lakes Butter seasoning. The spice uses real Land O Lakes butter for the flavor, but doesn’t have all the fat associated with real butter. You can also find ranch seasoning, which is great for chicken or salads. Parmesan and Herb, or Three Cheese seasonings are great to add some zest to popcorn. Keeping these on hand is much more affordable with the right free coupons. It allows you to keep healthy alternatives on hand whenever you need them.

Finding the Coupons

Many people assume that you have to scour the paper to find manufacturer coupons to save on their favorite products. However, you can be more proactive than just waiting for the Sunday paper. You can find great grocery coupons online. By printing the coupons at home you can customize your savings. It lets you print out only the coupons you will actually use, and it saves you time by not making you scour through pages of coupons in the newspaper. If you want to print coupons at home you simply need to find a good website and search for Land O Lakes coupons, and print the ones you like.

About Land O Lakes

Land O Lakes is based out of Minnesota and is an agricultural cooperative made up of around 3200 members. The company itself is member owned and they handle a large amount of milk each year. It was founded in 1921 and the company’s goal was to improve the quality of butter produced on the market and cause incomes for dairy farmers to rise. Butter was originally made from sour cream but Land O Lakes decided that butter made from sweet cream would taste better and sell better on the market. The implemented the idea of selling butter in sticks as well. Previously it was only sold in tubs. Their innovative ideas helped to shape the dairy market, particularly the butter sector and bring it to the point It is at today. Today they still retain their original commitment to high quality products and continue to produce high quality and innovative new dairy products. Part of their promotion includes the distribution of Land O Lakes coupons that allow them to give consumers the opportunity to taste the difference at a discounted price.

Why Land O Lakes is Quality

One of the main reasons that Land O Lakes is able to provide such high quality products is that it is member owned. They take pride in their product and know that it is a direct reflection on the job they do. In order to maintain this high standard of quality, they have implemented a system of inspections that allow them to keep tight control of the quality of the ingredients as well as the finished products. This helps them to maintain uniform flavor and quality at each of their creameries. This is one f the driving factors that had led Land O Lakes to be successful as a producer of high quality dairy products. To see for yourself, give Land O Lakes a try. Land O Lakes coupons are available in a variety of locations to help you save money on this quality product.

How Land O Lakes Improved the Quality of the Dairy Market

Because Land O Lakes was so committed to excellence, they were able to product a product that was far superior to the butter produced by other manufacturers at the time. The key to their quality was their dairy certification and inspection process. Once the public saw the difference in their butter, competitors began to lose sales. This forced them to change their practices in order to compete. The competition began to cease making butter from sour cream and opted to use sweet cream instead. There was some dissention among butter producers who claimed that Land O Lakes was guilty of false advertising about their inspection and certification methods. However after Land O Lakes successfully defended their process, many competitors instituted their own quality inspection processes to try and copy Land O Lakes success but had mixed success. Today Land O Lakes is still producing some of the most quality butter and dairy products on the market. Land O Lakes coupons are available for the public to motivate them to try a superior butter product.

Land O Lakes Co-Op Structure

Land O Lakes is actually much more than just dairy products, although their other products arose from the need of having them to maintain vertical integration within the company. Vertical Integration means that they produce or manage as many of the products required for a successful business within the company rather than outsource to outside marketers, suppliers and service providers. There are actually many different industries in which Land O Lakes is involved and these all relate back to some step of the process of producing high quality dairy products. Along with dairy, their industries include crop seed, animal feed, business services and transportation. Look for various Land O Lakes coupons to save on this and more.

Signing Up with Land O Lakes Coupons

If you take the time to visit the Land O Lakes web site, you will find that there is a lot of interesting and useful information, including recipes and products- and some Land O Lakes coupons too. While there you might take the time to register with them. The advantage of this is that you will receive newsletters via email that give you information about new products, recipes and even Land O Lakes coupons. This can be a steady source of discounts on your Land O Lakes products. Simply print out the coupon and take it to your local market to redeem it and get the savings you have earned on your favorite Land O Lakes products. Smart shoppers always use coupons when they can because the savings can add up!

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