Las Vegas Buffet Coupons

By | September 15, 2013

In Las Vegas the buffets used to the place to get a cheap meal. The hotels and casinos would almost always lose money on their buffets but they were there to keep their customers from leaving when they got hungry. The downside was that many of these cheap buffets barely qualified as serving food. Lately though the buffets have undergone a lot of changes and they have improved throughout the city and what used to be cheap buffets have become a place for quality dining that now rival high-end restaurants.

It used to be that you can find a huge buffet meals for under five bucks but those days are pretty much Long gone. The good part of this big change is that now you can find a great meal pretty much anywhere in the city. Today you can still get a great deal on a quality busway dinner by using Las Vegas busway coupons.

The way to get the best deals for Las Vegas restaurant and buffet dining is knowing where to get the coupons. These coupons can be found in flyers and coupon books throughout the city. Also popular way to get discount buffets is by getting comps from the slot machines. You get the comps (comp is short for complementary)
by getting points while using your player card. Another thing I like to remember when at a buffet is to try something different and also to go for the lobster and prime rib and pass on the spaghetti and pizza.

The big name hotels all want to distinguish themselves and so they’ll have the best buffets. Generally you can find breakfast for around $13 and dinner for around $40. So if you want to enjoy excellent meals try the Bellagio, le Village buffet at the Paris Hotel and Casino and the rio hotel and casino try the Villages seafood buffet and the Mirage hotel and casino buffet is called Cravings.

Another great tip is to look for the wonderful champagne brunch meals that you can find on the weekends. You can find some great values especially if you spend time to find your favorite Las Vegas buffet coupons.

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