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By | March 25, 2013

Have you come across a Lays Chips printable coupon recently? If you are a chip lover like me and my roommates you need to be on top of these. My roommates and I buy at least two bags of chips a night while watching the sports games. This doesn’t sound like much, but when chips cost around $4 a bag over time that can really add up. With these printable coupons we haven’t paid more then $4 for two bags together in over a year. With the amount of chips that we eat this really makes a huge difference in the amount of money we spend. Even if you don’t eat chips as much as we do it is still best to save as much as you can for the times you do. It is extremely easy to just print out a coupon and have it put away for whenever you are going to the grocery store.

 What to look for

When looking for a Lays Chips printable coupon you need to make sure that it is still a valid coupon. If you bought directly from Lays Chips they would honor old coupons, but when you are going to smaller grocery stores they will only honor valid coupons. There will be times that the coupons are only valid for certain types of chips, but typically they will be for any type of Lays product. Once you start saving money on a product you will never want to pay full price again so it is best to save as many coupons as you can. We have had times where we will have a great printable coupon and then there will be an in store promotion giving us even additional savings. There is no better feeling then saving as much money as possible on an item you love.

 Why Lays?

Lays Chips really makes sure that their customers are always satisfied I once had an issue because I had a coupon that wouldn’t be honored at a store due to the fact that it was small and wasn’t aware of the promotion. I bought the chips for full price and then called Lays Chips when I was home to complain about my situation. With out even finishing my story the lady on the phone stopped me and said please just mail us your receipt and we will credit you the money back. This was amazing and really made me appreciate them even more. .

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