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By | January 9, 2015

Congratulations you have found the best McDonalds Coupons website on the internet. Here at McDonalds Coupons we are totally dedicated to finding you only the best and most upto date coupons – be them online coupons or printable McDonalds Coupons.

With our great selection of coupons you will frequently find massive discounts, free McDonald meals, and awesome gift cards. Please remember that this website is updated on a weekly basis, so its important you bookmark us.

How to get your McDonalds Coupons?

There are so many different types of vouchers and coupons on the Internet that they can be hard to find – McDonalds checkout codes, Printable McDonalds Coupons, direct links to the McDonalds Coupons page or CPA offers which give you the chance to win gift cards in return for filling out a simple form. By far the best coupons you need to be looking for are the CPA offers!

CPA stands for cost per action and it is a new marketing tool used by McDonalds to reward you in return for filling out a simple form – usually just entering your email address or zipcode. Dont get me wrong some CPA offers require you to fill out a survey a few pages long, but the rewards for this are much higher than simply entering your email address or zipcode.

Now you may be wondering why I am telling you all about CPA offers when you are just looking for McDoanlds Coupons – Well I have found hundreds of CPA offers where you only have to enter your zipcode for a chance to win hundreds of dollars worth of gift cards. The best bit is that you can enter as many as you want almost guaranteeing you will win.

Where can you use your McDonalds Coupons?

So where can you actually use your McDonalds Coupons? The great thing about CPA offers is that you win an official gift card meaning that you can use is both offline in the shops and online to purchase McDonalds merchandise. All of the offers that I have found for you are worth between $100 and $500 – now that’s a lot of Happy Meals. Remember for your chance to win these gift vouchers all you need to do is simply enter your zipcode. Simple!

After you have entered your details you are automatically placed into a draw where one random person is announced as the winner and send their awesome McDonalds Coupons. Currently CPA offers are not very popular due to them being so new – which means we have a perfect opportunity to get in which the competition is extremely low. But as time goes on and the idea catches others attention its going to get harder and harder to win. So if you haven’t already done so visit our Coupons page and enter them all.

How many McDonalds Coupons are left?

Its a great feeling knowing that you are now in the running to win hundreds of dollars in McDonalds coupons, but you may be wondering when you are going to find out if you have won. Or if your anything like me, when can you enter again. The great thing with CPA offers is that you can enter as many of them as you want at the same time – and there are so many of them that I have dedicated a whole page just for them.

With the popularity of CPA offers ever increasing the number of offers are also increasing. This is great news of us, as like I mentioned above we can enter as many as we like – and with not many people knowing about them yet we are bound to win something. If you only want to enter one offer then that is fine, but ask yourself, would you want to just hope for the best of would you rather enter several and increase your chance of winning McDonalds coupons.

What about Printable McDonalds Coupons?

Many people are not comfortable purchasing over the Internet so are searching for printable McDonald coupons. Now a printable coupon is exactly what the name suggests – a coupon which can be printed at home and taken into a shop. This form of coupon is extremely outdated now that CPA offers are giving away gift cards. I mean would you rather have a 30% printable McDonalds coupon or a $500 gift card? Its a no-brainer really!

When you think about it, a gift card is kinda like the new cyberage printable coupon but better. I am not going to lie, there are NO printable McDonalds coupons on this website. I have used them in the past myself – and they are a nightmare. Only certain shops will accept them, they get lost, they are super easy to tear and damage and I have lost countless amounts to the washing machine. All in all I have sworn never to use printable coupons again.

What I do offer on this website are CPA offers which give you the chance to win hundreds of dollars in gift cards. You can think of these are your new and improved printable McDonalds coupons. Yours not getting anything for half price, your getting a fully uncensored gift vouchers which you can spend at any store. These gift vouchers are like credit cards so they don’t tear easily and you don’t have to spend all the money on one purchase. Think about it $500 is an awful lot of Happy Meals.

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