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By | December 12, 2015

The #1 dinner attraction – Medieval Times Coupons. Medieval Times is an exciting, family-friendly dinner attraction inspired by an 11th century feast and tournament. Guests are served a four-course banquet and cheer for one of six Knights competing in the joust and other tests of skill. Get the latest Medieval Times coupons and special promotions.

medieval times coupons

There’s a reason Medieval Times is the No. 1 dinner attraction in North America: The unique combination of a medieval banquet and thrilling competition between Knights captures the imaginations of all ages. The first Medieval Times castle opened in Majorca, Spain, in 1973. Ten short years later, Medieval Times ventured overseas and into North America with its Kissimmee, Florida, Castle. The reception was immediate and overwhelming. With the resounding success of the Florida Castle, plans were immediately developed to expand the company on this new continent. Nine castles now exist across North America to entertain, delight and amaze. Medieval Times is celebrating its 25-year reign in North America.

The founders first launched their unique idea for an 11th century-style dinner attraction on the Spanish island of Majorca in 1973. This imaginative new entertainment spot was inspired by the true medieval tradition of royal families inviting guests to a festival and feast to watch knights compete on horseback. Find a location nearest you.

During the early years in Spain, the show’s authentic display of classic equestrian skills and medieval pageantry took place in outdoor arenas, a far cry from the climate-controlled castles of today. There, the conventions of today’s shows were established. Guests were seated in sections named for regions of Medieval Spain and encouraged to cheer for the Knight representing their region. As Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament has grown in popularity both in Spain and North America, some things haven’t changed — like the commitment to the accuracy of weapons and costumes. Others have: the characters and storyline of the Medieval Times show evolve every few years, keeping the experience fresh and exciting for generations to come. Expect almost two hours of jousting, swordsmanship, thrilling hand-to-hand combat, displays of extraordinary horsemanship and falconry as part of an exciting yet touching story set in Medieval Spain. Medieval Times also features an excellent bar, dance floor, Hall of Arms displaying medieval artifacts and a medieval torture museum.

medieval times dinner

Medieval Times’ noble guests feast on garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, roasted chicken, spare rib, herb-basted potatoes, pastry of the Castle, coffee and two rounds of select beverages. View the menu offered. A full-service bar is also available for adult guests. Vegetarian meals are available upon request. The vegetarian meal includes tomato bisque soup, garlic bread, large portobello mushroom cap stuffed with whole grain, rice and bean blend, large skewer of roasted vegetables, hummus with pita chips, pastry of the castle and two rounds of select beverages. Eating utensils were not used in the 11th century and Medieval Times takes you back! The King’s feast includes garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, roasted chicken, spare rib, herb-basted potato, pastry of the Castle and beverages. Children under the age of 3 are admitted free as long as they sit on adults’ laps and eat from their plate. If you prefer the child to have his or her own seat and meal then the child rate would apply. Medieval Times will give you great food and memories!

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