New Grocery Coupons

By | November 18, 2013

About Grocery Coupons:

Grocery coupons were first introduced in 1895, when C.W. Post, the creator of the health food cereal Grape Nuts, created and distributed a one-cent coupon for his product. But coupons were really popularized in the 1930s, when the Great Depression saw many families looking to save money any way they could. In the 1940s, when supermarkets were unleashed upon the public, grocery coupons made the leap from local grocery stores to these regional supermarkets. In 1965, an estimated 50% of all Americans used coupons, and that figure jumps to 65% in 1975. Once coupons were introduced on the internet in 1995, that figure only continues to climb.

Natural Food Grocery Coupons:

There is a broadening trend in some companies to add organic or natural products to their product lines. Companies such as McCormick, Campbell’s, Clorox, and Arm & Hammer are all in the business of “going green.” However, if you are searching for coupons from companies that only offer natural or organic products, you may be out of luck. These companies tend to be small, and therefore offer a limited number of products overall. Coupons can still be found, however it does take a bit more work to get them!

Sources for Natural Grocery Coupons:

Keep in mind that your conventional coupon sources will sometimes have access to organic and natural food coupons. Companies such as Burt’s Bees, Muir Glen and Cascadian will routinely have coupons published in the Sunday inserts in the paper. The absolute best way to find coupons for these items, however, is to go directly to the product website. It’s handy to do your research and become web savvy in this way. You’d be surprised at how many great deals and coupons can be found by doing simple searches online. Many companies will offer printable coupons or mailing lists.

Online Grocery Shopping:

The internet has given us the opportunity to conduct so much business online. Grocery shopping online can have its particular rewards. Many companies offer online rewards systems, where you can go and purchase your groceries, use online coupons for a discount, and even get reward certificates towards your next purchase. There are also club cards that you can sign up for that will allow you to shop at hundreds of different stores, all while receiving a significant discount, so these offers do extend past just purchasing groceries.

Brand Names:

One of the hardest thing people grapple with in regards to coupons is that they often will have to sacrifice name brand. This is often true, as some brands don’t use coupons or use them sparingly. For those who are true brand loyalists, coupons are probably infrequently used. But for those willing to be more flexible with their grocery shopping, coupons can be an invaluable asset. And keep in mind that using a variety of coupons can mean that you try many different brands. You may just stumble on one that you prefer to that expensive name brand you’ve stuck with all these years!

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