Plavix Coupons are Rare but you can Still Save

By | April 10, 2013

Unfortunately the doctor cannot keep giving you free samples so it’s up to you to find a discount on your Plavix prescription. Despite what you may think, there are some ways to save on your prescription drug costs if you take the time to look.

Using a Prescription Drug Card

If you are a cost conscious consumer, then it may be that you have heard of a prescription drug card. These are cards that are given to regular patrons of a particular pharmacy. Usually you will have to sign up for it by providing your information to the business, and in many cases it will allow you to get discounts on other things like over the counter medications and regular day to day items that are sold in the store. If you fill a lot of prescriptions, you may be able to earn points towards a large discount on a prescription after a while. Whether you need a Plavix discount or not, a prescription drug card will help you in many ways.

Generic Drugs

If you are unable to obtain Plavix coupons, or a coupon for the drugs you are prescribed, consider asking the doctor if there is an alternative medication. In some cases there are other medicines that cost less and perform the same function. These are often called generic medications. They have the same active ingredient as the brand you were originally prescribed but cost much less because they are not subject to the costs associated with branding. The prescription drug savings you receive can be substantial in some cases, and people who decide to use generic drugs usually have the same results. If there is no generic version available for what you need then you will have to consider other alternatives to save on your prescription drugs.

Instead of Plavix Coupons Try Splitting

Instead of getting a discount that you actually see at the register, there is another way you might be able to get a Plavix discount. Sometimes you can get your pills in a larger dosage and split them in half to get the dosage the doctor requires of you. If you thing this is a possibility, be sure and ask your doctor about it. This is not a viable option with some drugs and your doctor or pharmacist will be able to provide you with the answer. It works like this: If you are prescribed 10mg, sometimes you can get 20mg pills for less than double the amount of 10mg pills. Then break the pills in half to get the dosage you require. This can help you save without Plavix coupons.

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