Quality of Life Made Easier with Spiriva Coupons

By | March 10, 2013

The Spiriva cost can he quite high, even with insurance. There is no generic available for it, so even with insurance any Spiriva medicine typically runs on the higher end of the copay. For some people this can be more than $100 per prescription filled. Without insurance you could pay as much as $250 depending on which pharmacy you use. This is why using Spiriva coupons can be vital. You’ll be able to afford your groceries and Spiriva without having to sacrifice.

Finding Discounts

Finding Spiriva discounts isn’t difficult, but it may take some time. If you need Spiriva coupons to help pay for the necessary medication, there are a few things you can do. It never hurts to start with your doctor. If you need a medication but can’t afford to pay for it, the doctors are more likely to try to find a way to help you. It’s pointless for them to prescribe medication if you won’t take it. If money is a concern, ask if they have any samples or Spiriva coupons. The drug reps that frequent doctors’ offices will often leave coupons and samples as a way to remind the doctors to prescribe their medications. While this doesn’t sound terribly ethical, it can work to your advantage. If your doctor doesn’t have any Spiriva coupons available, check with your insurance company. They may have a program that can save you money if you agree to go to mail order. If you don’t have insurance, you can always check with the manufacturer directly to see what kind of Spiriva assistance may be available.

Spiriva Coupons and Discounts Found Easily

Going through all of the above steps can be complicated and time consuming. Fortunately there are websites that will list all the available programs and Spiriva coupons available. If you look for these sites you’ll save a lot of time. You’ll be able to find information on the cost of Spiriva without drug coverage, how to use Spiriva, how to save with pharmacy discount cards, which pharmacies offer the lowest cash cost, and where to find Spiriva coupons you can print and use. Instead of going through several different websites, these sites pull all of the information together for you. If you spend just a few minutes looking in to these sites you’ll find deep discounts that you may not have found on your own. You may have to spend some time printing out information, or filling out forms (for the assistance programs), but it could conceivable save you hundreds of dollars each year on your prescriptions. In fact, you can do this for more than just Spiriva. You can use this technique for many of the prescriptions you are on and save money. It’s worth looking in to after you’ve printed out your Spiriva coupons.

Check the Manufacturer’s Page

When your search on the Internet coupon sites doesn’t turn up many results for Spiriva coupons, head to the manufacturer’s page directly. Their front page might have a printable coupon, just as a reward for people visiting their site. There might also be Spiriva coupons located within the pages, under a savings tab or with a new product category. If the drug makers have a product out that they think will allow you to feel better, then they are going to want doctors to prescribe it and for customers to like it and save money by having it.

If there aren’t printable coupons from the drug maker, see if they have a newsletter where you can register. The newsletter will be free and is usually emailed directly to you. Occasionally, the newsletter will be mailed to your physical address, but only if you request it. The questionnaire you fill out will probably ask for your name, email address and then other factors about your health and conditions that people in your family may suffer from. They will ask your age and how many people live in your house. They are only asking for this information so they can send you all of the coupons that people in your family might use. Spiriva coupons can help people with asthma, as well as COPD, so maybe someone else in your house could benefit from some.

Redeeming Spiriva Coupons

Once you receive the Spiriva coupons, file them away as necessary. Keep them filed in your coupon box with all of the other grocery coupons so they don’t get lost. Coupons that aren’t filed run the tendency to get lost either in a stack of papers on the desk or it gets picked up with a pile of papers and put in the trash. Neither is good as it means you are probably losing out on saving a bunch of money. Spiriva coupons should be filed under the medicine or personal products tab. Place the coupons in the order of which they expire. Oldest coupons with the closest expiration date go on top. One with distant expiration dates go in the back.

After your doctor gives you a prescription for Spiriva, then get the coupon and go to the pharmacist. Present them with the Spiriva coupons as soon as you give them the prescription script or call in your refill order. They need the information to process as well. Certain insurance companies might not allow for you to use a coupon, while others have no rules against the policy. If you can save money, why not?

The pharmacist or the assistant will run your insurance information and come up with your remaining balance or your co-pay amount. The Spiriva coupons value is then subtracted from your remaining amount. For example, if you have a $20 co-pay and the coupon is worth $10, then you will only have to pay the remaining $10 and get your prescription.

Read any directions on the front of the coupon. Can it only be used on first time prescriptions? Is it only good on refills? Can the coupon only be redeemed at a certain pharmacy? When there are limitations and exclusions on the coupon, you need to follow them exactly or else the coupon will not be honored. A store has the right to refuse Spiriva coupons if they were meant for another pharmacy or if you have gotten several refills of the medicine and it is only good on a first time fill. Spiriva coupons can save a person a lot of money, but only when they are used correctly.

Swapping Spiriva Coupons

If you no longer need the Spiriva coupons but still get them in the mail or your email from a newsletter, see if someone else could use them. Other people who are newly prescribed to the medicine might not have a coupon or have done their research in order to find where the coupons come from. When that is the case, put up a question and see who could use it. Put a social media post and tell them you have extra Spiriva coupons and who needs them before they expire? People will welcome the fact that you are sharing coupons with them in order for them to save money. They might even give you different coupons as trade for your efforts. Spiriva coupons can save a person a lot of money and whether the medicine is for you ro not, it is worth the effort to find the coupons.

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