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By | December 18, 2015

Getting the Best deals at Ruby Tuesdays Restaurants can’t get any easier. Get the Ruby Tuesdays from here and you could be on your way to having the most delicious meal at unrealistic prices.

Now if you go to Ruby Tuesday’s you will be greeted at the entrance typically right away by a nice person who will direct you to a seat. I know that they are being paid to greet you nicely, but at the same time they are some of the nicest people that I have ran into while eating out at a variety of restaurants which really helps you feel more at ease. That is the first thing that I like about eating at Ruby Tuesdays.

Ruby Tuesdays CouponsI eat at Ruby Tuesday a couple of times a month, just because I like it. It feels like a restaurant instead of a school cafeteria, the avocado quesadilla makes a good lunch, and the service is usually good. Feeling tubby? Get a $7.99 salad. Need comfort food? Get a $9 burger ($9.49 for bison) or mac and cheese.

Try the signature $14.99 New Orleans Seafood for dinner. The broiled tilapia has a light dusting of spicy seasoning and a scattering of shrimp, the Parmesan sauce doesn’t drown it all and the side dishes are healthy steamed broccoli and brown-rice pilaf.

The new $14.99 salmon Florentine sounds good, too, with spinach and artichoke sauce, grated Parmesan, brown rice and snap peas. The Louisiana shrimp has a spicy breading.

Their steaks are flavorful, too, although the $15.99 12-ounce ribeye had too much fat.

The food selection is mainly your typical American cuisine food of great hamburgers, steaks, and salads. The chicken sandwiches that they serve are some of the best that I have had. Know that they do attempt to cut out all of the grizzle, but as with any type of food they cannot get it all which is to be expected.

If you are looking for a great place to eat and some great Ruby Tuesdays Coupons then you will want to eat at Ruby Tuesdays. I know from my own experience that the wait staff here is some of the friendliest that I have ever run into at a restaurant and the food is of super high quality. While many people will enjoy the excellent American cuisine that is served here some will not, but if you want excellent American food Ruby Tuesdays is the place to be.

The first restaurant was founded in 1972 by five University of Tennessee students,and is now headquartered in Maryville, Tennessee. The first location was adjacent to UT’s Knoxville campus on Twentieth Avenue near Cumberland Avenue. The building still stands, but it is now occupied by a bar called the Roaming Gnome, next door to Stefano’s Pizza, on the corner of Cumberland, both of which are local institutions in their own right.

In April 1982, Ruby Tuesday became part of the Specialty Restaurant Division of Morrison, Inc. The merger provided the chain with additional financial support to continue its growth.

In March 1996, the shareholders of Morrison’s approved a distribution and divided Morrison Restaurants, Inc. into three separate companies: Ruby Tuesday, Inc. (RTI); Morrison Health Care, Inc., (subsequently purchased by Compass Group); and Morrison’s Fresh Cooking, Inc., (now owned by Piccadilly). Ruby Tuesday, Inc., therefore, is the successor of Morrison Restaurants, Inc.[6] and is now one of America’s largest casual dining companies. At the time of the distribution, Ruby Tuesday, Inc. operated many other restaurant brands in addition to their flagship Ruby Tuesday brand, including L&N Seafood Grill, Silver Spoon Cafe, Mozzarella’s Cafe, The American Cafe, and Tia’s Tex-Mex.

Ruby Tuesday, in Washington, D.C.’s Chinatown neighborhood.In the summer of 1998, Ruby Tuesday relocated its Restaurant Support Center from Mobile, Alabama to Maryville, Tennessee, where the company built an on-site training facility, WOW-U, in addition to a lodging and dining facility, RT Lodge. These facilities are used daily as a training and development center for the Company’s restaurant managers.

In November 2000, Ruby Tuesday completed the sale of The American Cafe, Silver Spoon, L&N Seafood, and Tia’s Tex-Mex restaurants to Specialty Restaurant Group, LLC. This divestiture allowed Ruby Tuesday to concentrate exclusively on the growth and development of its flagship brand.

Many of the locations in the Midwestern and Northern US can be found in mall locations, while many of the Southern stores, such as those in Kentucky and Tennessee, are stand-alone stores.

On April 12, 2007, the Ruby Tuesday, Inc. changed its NYSE ticker symbol from RI to RT.

In August 2007, Ruby Tuesday acquired a local self-serve Fresh Asian Dining Restaurant, Wok Hay. In October 2008, a second location was opened in a recently converted Ruby Tuesday restaurant building.

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