Sears Automotive Coupons

By | February 8, 2015

In light of current economic conditions, the search for savings has become part of the American consumer’s routine. Many shoppers realize significant savings by using coupons and manufacturer rebates at their supermarkets. The question is where can a bargain hunter find coupons for auto related services and products?

Sears has established a strong auto service business over the years and has become noted for servicing brakes, shocks, tires and a variety of other maintenance issues. They have been offering savings coupons and other auto service deals to their customers for years. Where can those money saving Sears coupons be found?

A long-standing source for Sears automotive coupons is local newspapers who turn out weekly advertising supplements which often include coupons for auto-related services. Generally these advertising supplements are found in the weekend editions of most major newspapers and often in midweek offerings. Some female coupon clippers have reported finding Sears automotive coupons in the sport section of the paper.

There are some people who are not newspaper subscribers. Web sites have cropped up that condense advertising from Sunday papers in specific areas to their site. Two examples of sites that will direct you to the Sears weekly ads are and

For those who are regular Sears shoppers, consider Sears My Advantage Membership. This program offers a number of benefits including valuable coupons for a variety of items, including automotive products and services. A simple way to search for and obtain automotive coupons is to visit the Sears site at Follow the site to the coupon or automotive sections, and then print the coupon.

There are a surprising number of shopping sites on the web that promote their often unique and specific web locations by including and enhancing offerings and promotions from Sears on their site. By entering “sears automotive coupons” in your search engine, a large number of these shopper websites will appear. In the extreme competition to attract visitors to their site, the various web sites will offer coupons with extra savings attached to the Sears offers. Examples of these types of offers are – free brake evaluation, 35% instant savings, 75% off in your area today, free shipping, save $10 when you spend $100, etc. It is the responsibility of the coupon clipper to explore the various sites to determine which of the hundreds of offers are genuine offers or hype.

Another approach is to search sites that advertise discount codes for a variety of retailers, Sears automotive included. Some of these are purported to be “secret” codes not offered to the masses, but only to specific categories of shoppers. Search for naughty codes in your browser, and find a number of these types of promotional discount codes.

It is quite obvious that Sears wants shoppers to find and use their outstanding savings offers. These coupons are a terrific way for the retailer to generate increased store traffic and be more competitive in their retail and automotive environment. Think of extra cash in your pocket, when you put a coupon to work for you.

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