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By | December 20, 2015

Smokey Bones Coupons – Have you eaten at a Smokey Bones restaurant yet? Oh, wait, you must have because you are looking for Smokey Bones coupons! Isn’t your mouth just watering for their barbeque? Can’t you just smell the aroma wafting from the chimney? Just driving by a Smokey Bones restaurant causes your car to swerve into the parking lot due to the fumes alone!

Smokey Bones does barbeque right! We have all had the unpleasant experience of eating dried out barbeque or tough on the bone ribs. NOT SO at Smokey Bones restaurants! Every bite melts in your mouth surrounded with all the flavor your taste buds could desire! Go ahead and click on the Smokey Bones coupons link and head for the car!

Smokey Bones restaurants have been around since 1999. They opened their first restaurant in Orlando, Florida, and have allowed the tradition of good ol’ southern cookin’ to influence their flavorful recipes. They understand the necessity of the slow cooking and smoking if you want the end results of tender, succulent, pork. That is why they put cook their pork over hickory logs for eleven full hours before they determine it is ready for your plate! A pulled pork sandwich from Smokey Bones can’t be beat…unless of course, you have bought it using Smokey Bones coupons! Treating your mouth and saving your wallet is a win win combination!

smokey bones printable coupons

Are you a rib connoisseur? Those of us who are, take our ribs seriously….well, not ours personally, but rather the ribs we eat! We KNOW a great rib when we wrap our mouth around it. The meat has to be tenderly falling off the bones to even be considered as award-winning in our book. Then there is the sauce! Ummmm! Smokey Bones has a sauce for everyone. Are you the sweet and savory type or do you like your ribs to have a kick? No matter, they have the sauce you require. Click on the Smokey Bones coupons link to take advantage of the savings while you fill your belly with their mouth watering ribs.

Maybe you are more a steak person. The rubs, marinate, and open flame will deliver you a perfect steak to melt in your mouth! Only the best top sirloin or New York Strip steaks are worthy to be called Smokey Bones steaks. Choose your rub or sauce and anticipate…but keep your napkin handy to control your drool while you are anticipating!

If you prefer a great salad, or fish, or even turkey, Smokey Bones has a flavorful way to prepare a memorable feast for you. Wings done right, a moist turkey or chicken breast seasoned to perfection will surely be worth the trip to your nearest Smokey Bones restaurant. There are 38 restaurants in seventeen states east of the Mississippi. Go to their website at, enter your zip code to find the restaurant nearest to your location. Don’t forget to check for your Smokey Bones coupons before you head out the door. Bring your appetite, an empty stomach, high expectations, and your coupons for a great time with friends or family. Y’all come now, y’hear?

mokey Bones menu

smokey bones printable coupon

The Smokey Bones menu is full of great food that will have you coming back again and again! Are you looking for a great restaurant serving a fantastic meal? Perhaps you need a memorable dining location for a special event. Is ambiance important? The Smokey Bones restaurants, with their characteristic log cabin décor, insure a wonderful meal with flavorful food! The Smokey Bones menu has something for everyone with reasonable prices and a perfect quantity of food.

The restaurant’s name gives away their forte. They recognize the value of good ol’ southern cooking over an open flame after hours of slow smoking over hickory logs. The flavor infusion that the process imparts leaves your mouth craving more! Whether you are craving ribs, pulled pork, fish, chicken, or turkey, check out the Smokey Bones menu to find what will satisfy.

Start with their pork…oh, man, you will be thrilled with your options! The pork is slow cooked to perfection. Tender, tasty, and soooo delectable, you won’t want to hurry through your meal, that’s for sure! Their pork can be enjoyed as a sandwich – pulled pork or the Cuban. Pork is also served as ribs or tenderloin. The Smokey Bones menu offers a variety of rub and sauces for your ribs. No dried out or tough ribs at this restaurant. It is never hit or miss when it comes to moist, tender, falling-off-the-bone ribs! Go ahead, lick your fingers, savor the flavor. Whether you choose their signature sauce, or something with a little kick, you will not be disappointed! Be sure to ask your server for a stack of extra napkins because you will need them after you first lick every drop off your fingers! Oh, man, isn’t your mouth watering just thinking about it?

Beef can be appreciated as a flavorful burger, succulent steaks, or brisket. Just think of it, a thick, steakhouse burger piled high with bacon, cheese, and their crispy onion straws. UMMMMM, bring it on! The sirloin or New York Strip steaks have been marinated to perfection and are grilled to your expectation, perfectly.

Amazing chicken selections are also presented for your enjoyment. Smokehouse chicken, barbeque chicken, wings and fingers, all offer moist and tender meat with a variety of seasonings, rubs, and sauces. You won’t regret choosing from the chicken selections.

The Smokey Bones menu also offers salads as the main meal or as a side – with or without chicken or steak strips. Seafood such as salmon or fish and chips is also an available dinner selection. Then to round out your meal, they have wonderfully prepared sides to choose from. The onion straws or onion rings are crunchy and tasty. Do you like broccoli? The steamed broccoli is oh, so good and tender without being mushy. Potatoes come in all shape and sizes…. baked, loaded, mashed, or French fries. The creamy Cole Slaw, baked beans and fire roasted corn are also crowd pleasers. Now the hard part…you have to chose!

If, that is if you have any room left over, the Smokey Bones menu describes some fantastic desserts. Large sizes – perfect for sharing – such as the awesome six layer Leaning Tower of Chocolate Cake or the small, individual servings of the sweet shots in a variety of flavors are available. So what are you waiting for? Your mouth is drooling, your stomach is growling, grab your family or friends and get in the car! .

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