Sorting and Filing Clif Bar Coupons

By | March 1, 2013

Are you tired or searching through the kitchen, looking for the Clif Bar coupons you know you had at one point? If you seem to spend more time looking for coupons instead of actually using them, then you need to find and utilize a new method for storing your coupons. A little bit of organization goes a long way when it comes to keeping your coupons intact. Coupons that aren’t organized can get lost and a lost coupon doesn’t do you any good or save you any money on your shopping.

Sorting Your Clif Bar Coupons

When you are using printable Clif Bar coupons or have some from the newspaper, you still need to sort them in the same way. When you are cutting apart a pile of coupons, in order to save a bit of time, put them in to large piles so you don’t have to sort through all of them a second time in order to file them correctly. Place the snack foods in one pile, the frozen foods in another pile, paper products in another and so forth. Once you have the coupons all cut out, you can go back through the piles and sort them in to smaller categories. Smaller categories might make your process a little easier when it comes time to make out the list. You can go right to the category if it is more specific instead of hunting through several possibilities of where a coupon might be.

File Clif Bar Coupons By Date

One you have your organic food coupons and all of the other ones stacked, then it is time to file them in the coupon box by their category. Instead of just shoving the tack all in one category and moving on, you need to pull all of the old coupons out in order to mesh with the new. Throw out all of the expired coupons and place the new coupons at the back. The coupons that expire first go up in the front. When you are making out a shopping list, you won’t need to sort through the whole section, instead you can pull off the Clif Bar coupons from the front and be on your way.

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