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By | October 12, 2014

Toilet paper coupons has to be one of the best ways to save money, no question about it! We all have to use toilet paper every day, so why not get some printable coupons and if you use the coupons on a regular basis in your shopping, over the course of one year, you could be saving an easy $50 or more!

Scott is a very popular brand that’s been around since the 1930’s, and now they have 4 different types of toilet paper. Extra Soft (which is my favorite), then Scott Naturals which has forty percent recycled fibers—not sure how they do it but these are pretty soft also, the Scott 1000 which is the value roll that is septic safe and has 1000 tissues. Then the last one is the Scott Rapid Dissolving tissue which is really only intended for the RV market or even the boats that have the smaller potty on board, or folks that have a septic system that might be older and prone to clogging. Clogging and the rapid dissolution are the key here, so if that is what you need…definitely, select this and get your Scott toilet paper coupons now. Just look on our site, the offers change often so you just have to look around.

They all come in different package sizes, the Scott Extra Soft come in packs of 4 thru 30, while the Scott 1000 comes in single rolls, all the way up to a 36 package (this is probably going to be your best toilet paper bargain or value). The Scott Naturals comes in 3 sizes, a four, eight and twelve pack. The Rapid Dissolving comes in just one size, the 4 package variety.

One more thing about Scott Naturals, if you are looking to go green, which a lot of folks are today…this is a good choice for being “green”, so look on our pages here for some Scotts toilet paper coupons, as after you use these for a week or so, you will not even notice the difference. There is also a fairly new product, the Naturals Flushable Moist Wipes which they say comes from one hundred percent sustainable resources…not sure what that is but I’m sure it is good. I have not tried these yet but I know that they are a good substitute for toilet paper if you are out, or that special need arises to clean up a bit more, or with infants and the like.

Cottonelle Toilet Paper Coupons

Cottonelle, is another popular brand and it is owned by Kimberly Clark which manufacturers a ton of consumer products. Once again, look around on the site and you should be able to find some Cottonelle toilet paper coupons for 2012. Now Cottonelle has 3 different types of toilet paper, the Cottonelle Clean Care which is the basic toilet paper and is safe for families that are using a septic system. It is strictly a one ply paper and there is no recycled material in this. The next roll is the Cottonelle Gentle Care which is also a one ply and is good for the septic, but it is slightly softer than the basic roll. The last one is the Ultra Comfort Care and this is also safe for the septic units and it is two ply and as expected, a bit softer than the others. It also comes in a variety of sizes including a big roll and a double roll.

So if you are looking for coupons for toilet paper, please look all over our site as they do change almost every day as offers get taken off the market and new ones get put in.

Charmin Toilet Paper Coupons

Now comes some peoples favorite toilet paper, Charmin! They’ve actually been around the longest going back to 1928 and were made in Wisconsin and eventually like a lot of companies, they got bought by one of the biggest and probably most successful consumer brand companies, Proctor and Gamble. P&G injected their knowledge and skill in manufacturing and marketing and created a well know brand in the 1970’s and 1980’s with Mr. Whipple, their lovable pitchman!

They also created some very inventive toilet paper by introducing lotion, aloe and some perfumes in the paper, which became extremely popular, and to some, very annoying as the perfume was sometimes too strong! But P&G fixed and tweaked it all so that today, the mix, the feel the smell and everything else that goes into it, is just perfect. Now they have a lineup of 4 types of toilet paper: Basic, Ultra Strong, Ultra Soft and Sensitive. The Ultra Strong actually has what they call a DiamondWeave texture that they claim will hold up to tears and such, and I can tell you first hand that indeed it’s true! Now I don’t know if it’s stronger than the Northern which is pretty strong, but both are a good fit if you need something more durable. Also, you should be able to find some Northern toilet paper coupons on our site as well, sometimes they are harder to find at certain times of the year, so just take a look.

Printable Toilet Paper Coupons

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, we normally have a good selection of printable toilet paper coupons on our site, but they are always changing so just look carefully for the brand you need. Now there are some other brands out there and some generic brands too, but I will cover that in an upcoming post. In fact, I have been buying store brand toilet paper when I am at different stores and have been saving them so I can test them all at once.

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