Using a Duracell Coupon is Important in Your Budget

By | February 24, 2013

Finding a Duracell Coupon Online

The best place to quickly get Duracell battery coupons is on the web. There are literally dozens of sites that have nothing but coupons on them. These coupons could be for diapers or they could be for bottled water. If there is a product made, then a manufacturer has probably created a coupon for it and placed it on one of these sites. All you need to do is start looking.

Once you get to a coupon site, explore all of the categories they have. There might be a few more coupons that you want to print off as well. A Duracell coupon can be clicked and selected and then once you are done with every coupon, you click on done and print. The coupons will be grouped together and printed together on a few sheets of paper. Take these coupons and cut them apart like you would a coupon from the Sunday newspaper or a magazine.

A Duracell coupon might be found on the manufacturer’s product page as well. Some sites will reward visitors to the site with a coupon on the front page. If there is no Duracell coupon on the front page, see if they have a free newsletter. A newsletter can not only get you battery coupons, but it can have safety information, stories about new products or ways to make your batteries last longer inside. It is well worth your time to register to receive an emailed newsletter.

A Printed Duracell Coupon

The Sunday newspaper inserts are still a great location for battery coupons. The pages will also have grocery coupons and ones for all kinds of products you use on a daily basis. Clip them all, file them away and wait until you go shopping to use them. A magazine might also have a battery coupon inside. The magazines for specific hobbies that use electronic devices or ones that are general interest would be the first place to look for coupons.

Using a Duracell Coupon

Duracell battery coupons are easy to use if you can follow directions. Since there are so many types of batteries they make, the coupon might be for a specific product only. For example, the battery coupons in your pile say buy one twelve pack of AA batteries in order to save $1. When that is the case, don’t put a package of 9-volt batteries on the checkout counter and expect the cashier to use the coupon. It simply won’t work. Purchase what it says to on the front of the coupon. Get the correct sized package, the right number of batteries per package and then you can check out with the Duracell coupon.

Sharing a Duracell Coupon

If for some reason you cannot use the Duracell coupon before it expires, consider sharing, trading or donating it to someone who will. Coupons are just like money and when they aren’t used, they are wasted. And just about everyone uses some type of battery during the day, it just depends on what kind and how they use it. The first thing to do is ask a friend if they need Duracell battery coupons for anything. If they pass because they also have a bunch of their own, keep trying.

Check with a local non-profit group and see if they have some needs for batteries. Churches, after school programs, scouts and even certain hobby groups might need a pack of batteries on occasion. Giving them a coupon is almost like a donation of money, since it is saving them money on their purchase. Any savings they get makes their budget go farther and that is much appreciated. A Duracell battery coupon can be used on so many sizes of batteries, it’s almost impossible not to have a need for one – even if it isn’t the holidays or your child’s birthday.

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