Using an Advair Coupon Can Save You Money

By | February 11, 2013

When someone in your house has asthma and the doctor gives you an Advair coupon in order to try a new medicine, you might be shocked. Since when did they start giving out coupons for prescriptions? Actually, prescription coupons are relatively new, but a smart idea by the manufacturers of the drug. Since health insurance companies are paying less and less for the coverage of certain medicines, more and more responsibility is falling in to the hands of the patient. Those expenses can be overwhelming, so in order to get more patients using their drug, they offered a coupon for it. Smart thinking on their part.

Finding an Advair Coupon

There are a lot of different places where you can go to get an Advair coupon. The first place to check is with your doctor’s office. Drug reps visit regularly and they will leave samples and even coupons for people who need a prescription for a certain drug. When the doctor sees a coupon and samples of a certain drug, he is more willing to prescribe it since it might be easier for the patient to afford. This is a win-win for the drug maker and the patient who is being prescribed the medicine.
Another place where you can find an Advair coupon is the Internet. The manufacturer might have a product page where there is a printable Advair coupon or a link to where you can get a coupon. The link might take you to a spot where you are supposed to sign up for a newsletter or to be on the mailing list for the product. Enter in your name and email address and then simply wait for the prescription coupons to arrive in your email box.

There are a couple of places where you can find an Advair coupon in print as well. The Sunday newspaper coupon inserts might have some prescription coupons in their pages along with the grocery items. Magazines that focus on health issues and women’s interests might also have some coupons to cut out. When you find the coupons, cut them out and place in the coupon box with your other coupons until it is time to get your refills ordered.

Using an Advair Coupon

Since Advair is only given as a prescription, you will need a written doctor’s note to get it. Simply having a coupon for the medicine will not be enough for the pharmacist to give it to you. The coupon must be turned in along with the script in order to get the medicine and the savings you want.

When you hand over the prescription page, it is probably a smart idea to turn in the coupon as well. Sometimes the pharmacy will have to do paperwork in order to be able to redeem the coupon. Since they require extra time for processing, it is easiest to do when you drop it off and go about your errands or shopping while you wait. If you wait and hand the coupon to them at the end, after it has already been filled, then you might have to stand in line even longer because they have to redo some of the paperwork. Once it is done, then the coupon amount will be taken off of your total or the co-pay you have for prescriptions.

Sharing an Advair Coupon

If you no longer need the prescription for Advair but still receive coupons in the mail, don’t throw them out. They could be of great value to someone else. To find out who, simply ask. Do any of your friends or family members use the medicine? Can they take a coupon on their next refill? If you can’t find anybody by asking, then head back online and see who can take the coupon. Post a Facebook status update and see who needs a coupon for the prescription. Inform them they do need a coupon in case they don’t know what it is.

When you still don’t have any takers for the Advair coupon, then see if there is an agency or a medical clinic who will take the prescription coupons. If they have low-income patients they treat, they would gladly pass the coupons on. Frug reps usually don’t visit clinics as often, simply because they might not write out as many scripts as doctor’s offices would, thus not earning them much of a return from their visits. Even though these people could use an Advair coupon the most, they might not get it from that source.

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