Using Plavix Coupons to Save at the Pharmacy

By | April 5, 2013

This leads to a heightened risk for heart attack and stroke. Plavix works by countering this and making it harder for the platelets to stick. If your doctor has prescribed this medication it’s important that you take it. If money is a concern, there are several ways you can find Plavix coupons and other help so that it’s less of an issue.

Assistance Programs

If you don’t have insurance or just can’t afford the copay you have with your insurance you may qualify for Plavix assistance. These programs are designed mostly for those who are considered low income. However, even those who aren’t low income can qualify for some types of savings and Plavix coupons. You have to prove a financial need for these programs. In most cases you’ll have to call and start the process of getting set up. You’ll have to answer multiple questions and may need to submit records associated with your finances. It may be a hassle, but if you’re approved for Plavix assistance you may get your medication for free, or at least for very discounted prices. Even if you don’t qualify you may get some Plavix coupons you can use on your next trip to the pharmacy.

Talk to Your Doctor

Your doctor isn’t going to prescribe medication that he or she doesn’t think you need. If you are up front with them about having trouble paying for your prescriptions they may be able to offer help. Drug reps will often leave free samples and great Plavix coupons for the doctors to use at their discretion. In most cases the doctors would rather see these go to people who really need them rather than let them sit in a cabinet somewhere unused. So if you’ve been given a prescription, don’t hesitate to ask for samples of coupons. The worst they can do is say no. You’ve lost nothing by asking.

Finding Plavix Coupons Online

The best method for finding Plavix coupons is to hit the internet. You can find websites that will take all of the available discounts and coupons out there for Plavix and put them on a single webpage. This allows you to read through all the restrictions and qualification requirements for each offer. You can find printable coupons, rebate opportunities, and coupons you can use at your local pharmacy. These sites should be free to use. They may require you to register, but this is a simple process that should only need an email address. If you are planning on ordering coupons that need to be sent through the mail, then you’ll of course need to enter your address information as well. These websites can be an invaluable tool for finding great money saving Plavix coupons.

When you can’t find a coupon on the Internet, don’t give up. And especially if you cannot afford the medicine, there are still other places to check. Finding Plavix coupons is worth the effort in order to keep your health or that of a loved one in check. Simply going without is not an answer because you can’t find coupons to save money.

Plavix Coupons in Print

Coupons can also be found in the traditional print form in several ways. The first is the Sunday newspaper. Whereas the coupon inserts of yesterday only used to contain food coupons, the coupon inserts of today contain a lot more items. They might have coupons for diapers, cat litter, clothing, shoes, hardware supplies and any other type of product a consumer can buy. These inserts also have coupon in them for medicines. Drug manufacturers know that medicine is expensive, therefore they are willing to create coupons where people can clip it and save a lot of money.

Magazines are also a great place to look for Plavix coupons. Magazines that feature health articles, healthy cooking recipes and even ones geared towards specific health conditions will offer coupons on many different items. They might have food coupons and they might have Plavix coupons. Magazines are starting to carry more coupons in them because it attracts readers to their pages as well. If a coupon will get one more subscriber, imagine what a bunch of coupons will do! The coupons can also be geared towards older audiences, in magazines with historical stories, ones on specific regions and ones that talk about a certain lifestyle, such as farming or a hobby.

Subscribe to Medical Newsletters

Medical newsletters might also be a good source to find Plavix coupons. The newsletter might come from your local doctor’s office, it might come from a hospital chair or it might come from a specific health group. These newsletters are usually geared towards health and healthy living, so they will include recipes for eating better and coupons for medicines that help you accomplish that. Newsletters that focus on a particular lifestyle, such as heart disease, heart attacks or something else, might also have a lot of tips to eating better and how to reduce cholesterol. Plavix coupons are often found there as well.

Redeeming Plavix Coupons

In order to get savings from your prescription, it is best to present the coupon to the pharmacist with your script. That way, they can make sure to give you the name brand drug. They can also check with your insurance company and make sure that coupons are allowed for a certain product. Not every health insurance company will allow for coupons, especially if they are the type to cover all your prescriptions.

The assistant or the pharmacist can process your paperwork as you wait for the medicine to be prepared. Instead of waiting until the end when you pick up the prescription and hand over the coupon, hand it over first. Otherwise, you might have to wait longer if they have to run all of the paperwork again and refigure your totals. No one likes to wait in line – let alone do something twice – so presenting the coupon first is a common courtesy as well.

Donating Unused Plavix Coupons

If you are lucky enough to have a healthy and strong heart and don’t need Plavix coupons, then see if someone else near you does. Does your neighbor have a new prescription for the drug? Do you have friends or friends’ parents who use Plavix and could stand to save some money with Plavix coupons? Ask around via a text message, email, Facebook post or tweet and see who uses the medicine. Then ask around and see who could stand to use a coupon if you have received one in the mail. When a coupon is in a magazine, even if you don’t have a prescription you should cut it out and save. Throwing away coupons for prescriptions is like throwing away money, because there is always a person in need.

Another place to donate coupons to would be your senior center or a program that helps low income families. They might be able to take the Plavix coupons and pass them on to other people who come in through their doors with no health insurance, but needs medicine. A senior center will also know who has prescriptions for what and who could use a little help in paying for those prescriptions. Plavix coupons will save someone a lot of money each year!

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