Using Plavix Coupons without Insurance

By | March 10, 2013

Ask the Doctor for Plavix Coupons

If you are open with your doctor about your financial situation they will usually go out of their way to make sure you have what you need to make it more affordable. Going to the doctor is pointless if you can’t take the medication. You may be able to get a free Plavix coupon from your doctor if you tell them you’re having an issue with paying for the medication. Drug reps frequently give doctors coupons like this. The doctors won’t just offer these out unless there is a need since they are valuable. Using the Plavix manufacturer coupon can mean the difference between getting the necessary medicine and not, so don’t hesitate to ask for it.

Plavix Assistance Program

Plavix assistance can be found through the drug manufacturer as well. The Partnership for Prescription Assistance helps those who can’t afford their medications. The program is free to apply for. You can find the requirements online by searching for the Plavix assistance program. The programs can range from completely free medication to savings cards that will save you money on your monthly prescriptions. With these discount programs you’ll get Plavix coupons in the mail to take to the pharmacy. Some of the programs will verify the prescription with your doctor and just send the medication through the mail. This way you don’t have to worry about getting to the pharmacy to pick it up either.

Printing Coupons

Another great option for those who don’t qualify for the assistance programs is to find printable Plavix coupons. You can find plenty of coupon websites that offer Plavix coupons that you can print from home. Most of these will save you a substantial amount, but won’t make the medication free. You want to check to make sure the coupons you’re printing are legitimate. Also check with your pharmacy of choice to make sure they accept printed coupons. Most stores will accept these Plavix coupons, but some do have restrictions on accepting printed coupons for prescriptions. If the pharmacy you use won’t accept it, you may want to find another pharmacy. This way you can keep taking your medication without worrying about the cost. Plavix coupons are invaluable for anyone without insurance.

Why did drug manufacturers start making coupons for their products? Was it because they were jealous of all the attention that grocery food coupons were receiving? No. Unfortunately, many health insurance policies for individuals, even those with policies from large corporations, are getting less and less coverage when it comes to prescription medicines. Plavix coupons are needed, just for some families to be able to afford the medicine for their family member to stay healthy.

In order to keep doctors writing prescriptions for their medicine, the drug manufacturers came up with the idea of coupons. The Plavix coupons are given out by drug reps to the doctors when they make their weekly or monthly rounds to offices. The coupons are given out with samples or trial medicine packs so that customers can save money right away and not have to worry about their health. When doctors know their patients can save money on a prescription and it is affordable to them, then they are more willing to write them.

Websites with Plavix Coupons

If the doctor who is prescribing the medicine doesn’t have Plavix coupons to go with it, then you need to hit the Internet for those printable coupons. The first type of site to try is a coupon brokerage site. These are coupons meccas where every product created for a consumer has a coupon to go along with it. These coupons might be for diapers or they could be for a hearing aid battery. When manufacturers are trying to get their product noticed or are competing in a tight market, they will offer incentives for the consumer to pick them. The save goes with Plavix coupons. There are lots of drugs on the market that claim to help reduce cholesterol, so in order for doctors and patients alike to notice their product works and is affordable, they created the coupons.

Another place to try for coupons is a coupon forum or a coupon blog. Post a new thread and ask if anyone has extra Plavix coupons they can share with you until you can get your own source of coupons found. Many people will understand the plight you are in and either give them to you outright or ask for a coupon in trade.

When you are trading coupons, it will work like a barter system. They might ask you what coupons you have that you aren’t going to use and what you would be willing to offer up in a trade. Once the trade coupons are agreed upon, they are sent in the mail to your address. It might cost you the price of a stamp, but when you can save a bunch of money on a prescription that you would otherwise pay full price for, you are getting a great deal.

Getting prescription medicine coupons might take more time than getting grocery coupons, but they can also get you more in savings. And medicine isn’t like a food that you could live without – the doctor prescribes it to you for a reason, therefore you need to take it exactly as prescribed in order to get a healthy lifestyle back. Skipping on medicine because you can’t afford it should not be an often for you to even consider.

Providing coupons for their potential patients makes sense. Plavix coupons are cheap to print and the return the drug company gets is much bigger. Sure, they get people prescribed to their medicine because the doctor knows it is affordable, but they also get a lot of loyal customers in the process. How many families are grateful for coupons and patient assistance programs that know medicines are expensive, yet do something so people can afford them. The coupons are offset by the loyalty they receive.

Plavix coupons can be used at any type of drug store where a certified pharmacist is on staff. The coupon should be turned in at the same time you are handing over the script. They might ask you a few questions and verify the coupon in order for you to use it. Once they are done, they will immediately begin filling the script so you can get on your way back home.

When the script is filled, the cashier or the pharmacy assistant will ring up the purchase and take the coupon value off of your co-pay toal or amount. When you don’t have any insurance, Plavix coupon can be even more valuable and worth your time to find before you drop off your next prescription or refill.

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