Using Propel Coupons is Smart

By | March 10, 2013

Saving money on flavored water is easy when you have Propel coupons in your hand. Not only do you save money, but you are being kind to your body by providing water instead of sugary sports drink or soda, which can actually cause more damage. If you would like to try flavored water but haven’t because of the cost, you have no excuse now! Propel coupons can be found in many locations, including the newspaper, the Internet and in magazines.

Propel Coupons on the Web

One of the best places to go for a printable Propel coupon is the product webpage itself. On the page, there might be Propel coupons for one bottle or several bottles. There might be coupons for the mix to pour in to water bottles or the online coupons might be for the bottled flavored water itself. Check out the tabs and see if they have a savings page with coupons. When they do, print away and take them to the store.

If the webpage doesn’t have printable Propel coupons, then they might have a newsletter to register for where you can receive coupons. The form might ask for your name, email address, how many people live in your home and what their ages are. Depending on your answers, they may send you more or less coupons. The more coupons you receive, the more bottles of water you can purchase.

Another place to look for Propel coupons is on coupon sites. These sites will host every kind of grocery coupon made, in addition to ones for paper and pet products, personal hygiene items and even clothes and shoes. Search under all the categories and select the coupons you wish to print out. When you are done, the coupons will all print at one time. This method of gathering online coupons is easy, especially if you didn’t make it out to get a Sunday newspaper.

Propel Coupon in Newspapers and Magazines

The Sunday newspaper coupon inserts used to be the only way you could get coupons. And it still works. The newspaper will contain one, two and sometimes even three inserts with coupons ready for you to cut out. Once the coupons are cut, sort them and file away in to your coupon box until you write out the grocery list and go shopping.

Magazines have started to contain more coupons within their pages. Coupons are even the reason why some people subscribe to certain magazines! Propel coupons can be found in many different types of magazines, from sporting ones to cooking ones to magazines that focus on women’s interests. Since flavored water is meant for anyone, it appeals to every kind of reader. Cut out the Propel coupons and place them with the rest of the weekly coupons in your box or that need to be filed.

Using Propel Coupons

No matter if you have a printable Propel coupon or one from a magazine, you use them the same way at the store. Hand them over to the cashier before she scans you items. Once everything is scanned in, she scans the coupons and your savings is automatically taken off the total. Make sure the limitations and exclusions on the front of the coupon are followed so that the coupon can be used during this trip. Sometimes a coupon will have multiple quantities to purchase or else be specific to a size in order to receive the savings. When the directions aren’t followed, you don’t get the savings.

Donating Propel Coupons

If you have a lot of coupons or already have a large supply of Propel in the house and don’t think you will use your current coupons, think about giving them away. You can give them away several different ways. The first way is to just ask your friends and family members who needs the coupons. Give them away out of the goodness of your heart because you know your friends drink the water.

Another way to give away Propel coupons is by offering up a trade. Coupon swapping sites are very popular now with coupon clippers. Go to their forums and post which coupons you have excess of. Ask for a specific coupon in trade or see what is offered up to you instead. Any type of online coupons or printed ones can be used, so keep any open mind. Once you have a trade in mind with a person, they mail the coupons and you are off.

The last way to share Propel coupons is by donating them. Is there a church group or a food pantry that buys water? Donate your Propel coupons so they can get savings on their purchases and make their budget last longer.

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