When to Use a Duracell Coupon for Maximum Savings

By | March 16, 2013

There might be a Duracell coupon burning a hole in your pocket, but just like with money, sometimes it is better to hang on to it than spend it. Did you realize you could save even more money if you simply wait a week or two and watch the store sales ad pages carefully? By watching the ads, you could save money with a sale price and a coupon coupled with it. How do you know where to look for sales? When is the best time to use Duracell battery coupons? There is never a right or wrong answer, but a time that works for you in order to save the most money.

Wait for a Sale

The best time to buy any type of item is during a sale. No matter if you need to use a Duracell coupon or one for dog food, wait as long as you can until the items go on sale. If you absolutely run out of the product and cannot wait, then it is fine to go ahead and just use a coupon. But try and plan out your future shopping so that you can wait until the next sale and use Duracell battery coupons to get a lot more money off your item total.

Since batteries are pretty universal, they are sold at many more places than the grocery store. You can use a Duracell coupon at the hardware store, at the drug store, at the department store or een the home improvement warehouse. As long as they sell the brand and size of battery you have a coupon for, the store has to honor the coupon. And some of those stores have frequent and great sale prices, so monitor all of the weekly sales ads to see who can get you the best price.

Double a Duracell Coupon

Sometimes you will be able to double a Duracell coupon at the store. Grocery coupons can usually be doubled up to $1, so you have to check the value of your coupon. If you have a question on doubling it, ask customer service. If your Duracell coupon is too high in value, simply wait until the sale or use it at a different store when you have the chance.

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