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By | April 15, 2013

Isn’t it funny how some of the simplest things that make up our daily lives like finding a bunch of free Yaz coupons can really turn a cloudy day in to a sunny one and make everything seem alright. And actually that is the purpose of this whole website. To provide a communication medium where we can share the news about Yaz and its transformation to Beyaz, because they are one and the same thing, and more importantly where we can easily post the best Yaz coupons that we find every day.

And to start off in a positive note let’s remember that there are monthly Yaz coupons published on their website so no matter when you start using the pill you will always have a coupon handy. And the great thing about the new pills is that they are no longer a dangerous birth control method that can induce skin diseases and hormonal imbalances but they are, in fact, a useful medication. The new hormones that they are using to create Yaz actually help develop a better skin complexion and fight the water retention that used to make Yaz a problematic birth control solution for many women. So there are actually women that are given Yaz coupons to allow them to better cope with such situations.

But the most valuable cases where Yaz coupons are being used are actually in cases of PMDD. The Premenstrual dysphoric disorder is a much more advanced and dangerous form of PMS. The hormonal imbalances caused by PMDD actually can generate extreme cases of depression, anger and anxiety. And these can go so far as to great suicidal tendincies in some patients. But the great thing is that the advances made in better understanding the hormonal development in women has created a situation where a pill whose primordial function used to be to prevent pregnancy is now used to cure PMDD. And Yaz is actually the number one prescribed medicine in cases of PMDD. However because PMS has a strong psychological component it is rarely affected by the use of Yaz in documented cases although there are many women who use Yaz coupons to purchase a welcomed relief from the monthly PMS syndrome.

However, we should not be pretentious about the use of Yaz coupons: almost 90% of the women who use it are doing so because of its 99% proven efficiency against unwanted pregnancy. And the truth is that it is actually 100% efficient as confirmed time and time again with the only exceptions where some women forgot to actually take the pill or they have taken the pill but it did not get to be absorbed by the organism because of vomit or other such un-pleasantries. So you can rest assured that, provided you are conscious about the time and regularity of taking the pill, you are indeed 100% protected from unwanted surprises. So the only thing you actually need to worry about is that you need to make sure you have your Yaz coupons a few days before you actually need to buy the pill and do not postpone taking it on the exact day you are supposed to.

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