Yoplait Yogurt Coupons

By | March 30, 2014

Sometimes when I wake up, I am craving some blueberry cheesecake or some vanilla ice cream. Why? I have no idea, but I do have the answer. Yoplait yogurt. I am in love with Yoplait yogurt and even more the Yoplait yogurt coupons. I can buy any flavor I want and they are each individually delicious. My favorite flavor is the strawberry banana. Each bite tastes just like a strawberry banana cheesecake and has a sweet taste that I love. Some other flavors that I’m obsessed with are the raspberry, vanilla, and the Yoplait lights are also delicious. Each flavor has its own uniqueness and taste that is unforgettable. Sometimes I use the yogurt as part of my breakfast or just a snack during the day. They are very filling and my favorite healthy snack to eat.

 Where to use the coupons

Lately, I’ve been going to the grocery store and have been getting this amazing deal with the Yoplait yogurt coupons. I get 10 yogurts for 10 dollars or some coupons have 4 yogurts for 3$. The price is unbeatable along with the incredible taste. The coupons help me with my grocery decisions because there are so many other yogurt brands I could purchase but the coupon deal is incomparable to Yoplait. The size of the cup is bigger than other brands who also sell yogurt. I enjoy Yoplait yogurts very much, I always have to buy them now as a part of my grocery shopping. Grocery shopping has always been difficult for me. I have put myself on a budget and grocery shopping only consists of pasta and top ramen. Since the Yoplait yogurt coupons I have come across, I have been able to “splurge” on the yogurts which really are delicious and sweet, but also have Vitamin A, Vitamin C and a lot of Calcium. These important nutrients I am definitely not receiving from pasta and frozen foods, I can enjoy from my yogurt.

 How healthy are Yoplait Yogurts?

An addition to these coupons is the amount of calories I take in every time I have one. Each yogurt is only 170 calories! What snack that is filling only has 170 calories? It is very hard to find these days, and the Yoplait Lights are only 90 calories. Come on, 90 calories? On top of the Yoplait yogurt coupons, I get to indulge only with 90 calories. Move aside diamonds, Yoplait yogurt is a girl’s best friend. I’m officially obsessed. I can’t wait until I get more Yoplait yogurt coupons so I can run to the grocery store and buy all the cheesecake flavors and eat them for breakfast or part of my snacks during the day!

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