Ivan, Ivan, Ivan… I drink non-alcoholic beer. Honest! Let’s do this in half an hour. I’ll loosen up a little. Oh, come on! What’s the most important piece
you’ve written this year, and why is it important to you? Let me think for 10 minutes. What’s the most important piece you wrote in 2018? The story about the cemeteries, about the structure of the funeral industry. One part’s already out, and the second part will come out soon. There’s a ton that didn’t make it in there,
but still. Did that story help anyone specifically? Probably not. Golunov On June 6 at 2:30 PM, our friend Ivan Golunov
was arrested. Police planted drugs on him and beat him. He wasn’t allowed to contact a lawyer
or his friends and relatives for more than 13 hours. We demand the immediate release of Ivan Golunov. Hey, this is Reiter. When this response is ready, can you call me, and then we’ll play it by ear? I thought maybe it was some kind of prank. “Do you know Ivan Golunov?” I said, “Yeah, he’s my close friend.” They told me, “He’s been arrested.” The thought that someone could be writing investigations with one hand and selling drugs with the other on the corner outside. Out in the open, Seryozha! It’s so absurd, it’s not Vanya,
it’s something else. I told his older brother everything,
and now Volodya’s on his way. Sveta, what, come on! …., now I have to calm you down?! I don’t have the strength for anything
right now! Sveta, have some pity, I’m not made of iron! Fine. Will do! Forgive me. It’s just that when Reiter started howling,
“Galya, what should we do?” I can’t anymore, I’ve been on my feet
for two days straight. Three, it’s the third day already! Let’s look at this cynically. Say I have an enemy. I use various tactics to fight this enemy. And what does he have? What on earth does he have? Just his own sense of dignity, professionalism, his good name, to destroy all of it
and leave him to suffer, right? That’s right. It’s terrible. Sorry, just a moment. Maybe we should jaywalk? Let’s run. We’re crossing the street like real Muscovites. They pressured him,
they didn’t let him call a lawyer. It’s just! [spits] It’s just a slap in the face. They just took an innocent man
and started stomping on him. The statute they’re trying to get him on is called “the people’s statute” in Russia, meaning that this is the statute
they use to get people in jail all the time. I have a question about Vanya’s psychological condition. He’s just in shock. He’s really scared. He’s scared to be left alone
without our support. I’m flying to Moscow today. Obviously, the situation isn’t very rosy, so I’ll leave my computer here. I’ll go with a clean phone,
I’m deleting all my chats just in case. Alyosha, what did you want to ask? Well, it’s all been a little rushed, so I wanted to talk about personal safety. Should we be in panic mode? Even though they’ve taken out that story
about smuggling drugs into Russia from Latvia, at some point you have to ask whether they’ll try to say we’re a gang. I’m asking because they’ve mentioned my name as Vanya’s direct boss, because I’ve got his latest piece. Until we publish that piece,
you’re not going anywhere. Fuck! I think everyone’s thinking the same thing. Basically, Vanya didn’t know
that people are out supporting him at all. I think he’ll give some kind of speech in court today. We talked about it. He’s supposed to tell us something important. Hello. As if he was some kind of fringe element. He’s a patriot with a bold, capital P. Do you understand? Pulling off this kind of bullshit on this high a level — it’s not even a farce.
I don’t even know what to call it… You’re the biggest optimist there is. There’s no other way to be. Look at Vanya’s smile! Just now, while I was on my way,
he just started feeling worse. As I understand it, they took him to the hospital
for an examination, and after that they’ll bring him here to the courthouse. Of course, this is total lawlessness. I know Ivan Golunov very well personally. I was working with him literally every day. I haven’t slept in 42 hours. To the side, to the side. The police are doing this specially so that we can’t tape this. Vanya! Vanya, how’re you feeling? Shame on you! Vanya! Vanya! You’re all actual monsters! Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! Let us through! Let us through! What do you think — why did this all happen? I think this has to do with the funeral industry. Today, it’s Ivan, and tomorrow, it’ll be you! Aren’t you scared
to live in this kind of country too? Learn some history! In the Soviet Union, they would have shot you! Vanya, stay strong! We’ll do everything we can! I’ll get you out! We’re here for you! The New York Times, you’re everywhere,
you’re all over the Internet! We’ll publish everything!
We have the whole front page reserved for you! A live feed, all the mobile stuff! Galya, everything’s okay! Everything’s gonna be okay! Stay strong, for God’s sake! Everybody loves you, everybody sends hugs! Sit down, we’ve done everything. Dear journalists, please sit down. Vanya said it was the funeral industry. Very good, send it to the newsroom. The defendant Golunov is to be released from custody before he leaves the courtroom. Ivan! Ivan! Ivan! The journalist Ivan Golunov has been placed under house arrest until August 7. He was freed from custody in the hearing room at the Nikulinsky Court. Now everybody’s seen how Vanya’s been doing. He and I got together last week. He said he was a little tired. I asked him whether he’d be able to get some rest
over the weekend. He said, “How can I get rest, now they’re going to close the public registries, and I haven’t mined them all yet.” A lot of people are sharing photos of Vanya now. There are lots of photos from lovely old Russian cities. You won’t see photos of him sunning himself at some Turkish resort. He’s the biggest Russian patriot I know! Not in the flag-waving sense — in the sense of what he knows about this country, what he understands about this country without getting snobby toward it even though he understands what kind of people live here. Now we’re gonna have our first conference call since Vanya’s hearing. About that investigation, it’s a great idea. Nobody’s done that before at a private outlet. Vedomosti’s ready, Ilya Bulavinov’s ready, Kommersant’s ready. Then Natasha Sindeyeva called and said exactly the same thing: give us a chance to do it too. Today, Seryozha Smirnov wrote me and said he’d be willing to put all his best people on this too. For us, the most important thing is to finish what Vanya started because for us, this is a matter of honor. Yekaterina Strizhenova, Channel One: We demand an explanation of everything that’s happened, and we all expect a thorough investigation. Did they get a go-ahead from higher up? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Action! Excuse me, my voice has totally left me
over these past 4 days. Life has split into before and after for us. All of us were thinking, “I have a son, and he’s out there in the city too. Now what? They can do this?” He noticed back in March that he was being followed. He thought this was something like that too. Of course, I feel so guilty about this. And so I should. He said he’d just slow down or be a little more cautious. I didn’t insist on anything because I know that Ivan is a very quiet person, but once he puts his foot down, that’s it, you can dance around him with a tambourine for 3 hours, and he won’t budge. Mom and I only found out about the charges on the Internet or when people called us and told us about it. You look it up, you read it: yup, we’re in it now. He never listens to anyone or anything. He decides everything for himself. As far as I understand it,
he stopped talking to our parents and me lately because lots of people told him, “Don’t do it, don’t do it.” He said, “I’ll figure it out myself — this is my work.” It was all written right on his shirt, really: “The newsroom demands blood.” One of Russia’s best-known investigative journalists, Ivan Golunov, is going free. An hour ago, we received notice
that he was cleared of all charges. Oy, oy, let’s go. We won! Not us, the truth won, and most importantly, the people, they won. Look what the FSB guys are writing about what their comrades did. I have a school friend who works in the FSB, and he’s written to me, “Congrats, I hope those monsters who tried to lock up Ivan get what’s coming to them. I’m really happy for him.” Over here, please. Ivan. Vanya! Thank you! Golunov! Golunov! Golunov! Vanya, say something, please. What do you think — why did they let you go? Oh, God. No, I can’t take any flowers. Thanks so much to all of you for your support! Thank you! Vanya, we love you! Happy birthday! Hey, Vanya! What’s happening? I don’t understand. Is this some kind of show? There you go, now Golunov can write his own stuff. We’ve made him a Telegram channel already. Good evening, everyone. Congratulations to all of you on Ivan’s release. I’m his mother. How are you feeling? Are you happy? Of course, I’m happy like everyone else. Of course. Now he’s gone to fill it out? Yeah, he’s checking out. Vanya’s free, that’s the most important thing. Now they’re just gonna fuck me over
with these phone calls till I die. Kovalev, say what you’ve gotta say. Where’s the new piece? I didn’t do anything. I just went out for lunch. You all did this. He just went out for lunch. You all made this happen. Thank you so much. Ask him whether he saw it all or not. Vovan, come on. You know Vovan is the editor-in-chief
of the Golunov project? Of course, we already told Ivan about the joke where Ivan goes on the Internet,
and he sees Golunovs everywhere. I want to be in an armchair
like the ones Anya and Tanya’ve got. We love you so much. Thank you. I love you a lot too. Dear citizens, please do not interfere with the movement of other citizens. Please, we ask you to disperse. Dear citizens, hurry. Why don’t I hold your arm just in case? Let’s do it. Our journalists have been arrested. Zhegulev and Pertsev. They arrested Zhegulev? Yeah. Where are you, in the police van? Can you see us? Are you near the tram? Zhegulev and Veronika Kutsyllo. Listen, we’re all praying and worrying. It all worked out. I hope you weren’t worrying about all this bullshit? Don’t worry, bro! It’s not the first time or the last time, I’m afraid. It looked awful, just awful. Of course not, God. We’ve achieved the main goal here. They let the man go. I’m telling you about how people are seeing this from the outside, not from the inside. It’s not the left or the right here. This is nonpartisan. Not one outlet, not The New York Times, not The Wall Street Journal… If something extra came out, something that unites us as human beings… It’s a value I hold close, the value of human life, and 10 years in prison is the price of a human life, it’s murder… Let’s see you give birth, and then you can take our kids! Yeah, you monster! Turn around again! Leave him alone! Shame! Free Golunov! ♪ It’s scary when your Motherland
turns into a drunk stepmom and yells at you from the curb, waving jail at you like a club to beat up your soul. What’ll we do when those shits plant drugs on us,
try to break us like little brittle cogs in the system? ♪ What has Meduza changed in your life? It’s like talking about family. I’ve seen their weak sides
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