Fabrics, 52cm by 42cm are 2 pieces. (Seam allowances are included) Sew the edge of fabrics with zig zag stitch. (for anti-fray) Cords, 1m are 2 pieces. Fold and press the top edge. (1cm、2.5cm) Unfold the crease (2.5cm). Lay the fabrics with right side. Then sew the side and bottom. (Don’t sew 7cm from the top edge.) Press seam allowances open, and sew the side seams with U-shaped. Fold and press the fabric (2.5cm). Then stitch. Make gusset. (Fold the 6cm gusset from the bottom. Then sew the side seams.) Turn inside out. Thread the cord through, and tie the cord ends. It’s done.