hey guys welcome back to the struggle via YouTube channel today I just want to do a quick video regarding Petco this is a perfect example of why I love affiliate networks and being an affiliate being an affiliate of different retailers because you learn about really cool deals that you otherwise wouldn't know about so a couple of days ago I got an email from Petco through my affiliate account and it was telling me about this deal they have going on throughout all of December every day from December 1st obviously I'm a couple days late through the 24th they're gonna have a different deal and here you see all the different basics now these deals can be combined with $10 off for $30 purchase here's a code extra 10 and free shipping with no minimum purchased amount right so December 1st was buy one get one free entire stock of dog and cat toys today is 40% off so fresh cat litter so if you have a dog or a cat be sure to go to my website check out this list I will put a link in the description below as you can see in the future it just shows the brand or the type of item like here dog and cat beds that will be on sale but until that day you don't know what the sale actually is so for example the for the second we have 40% off the so fresh cat litter I updated that because as we go over here you see 40% off so fresh cat litter and you would have 5 hours and 33 minutes if you know I'm not getting this uploaded right away so you're not gonna have 5 hours you're gonna have like 2 hours maybe if you see this as soon as I post it so anyways guys if you have a dog or a cat it's a great opportunity to score some great deals I always get Christmas gifts for my dogs so if you love your pets you definitely should be getting them Christmas gifts just like you would your kids or other relatives in my case I actually like my pets better than my relatives so they're probably gonna get better gifts so thanks for watching guys make sure you give the video a like as I said there will be a link to this page in the description down below thanks for watching