all right happy Sunday and happy start to our new couponing week if you are watching this on Sunday we did get some new printable coupons today and I do have some updates on some even better deals at CVS I'm gonna go ahead and go through some deal updates to keep you guys posted and also to share with you there's some great new CVS app manufacturer coupons that you are going to want to send to your card today again if you don't send them and they disappear you're not able to send them because they're gone so the best thing to do is when new coupons come out go through them send them to your card so they're ready for your deals so let's go ahead and check out some updates before we begin I do want to let you guys know there are a lot of stop and hold CRT deals for the week of May 5th so I'm gonna go through those in my stop and watch video so after this video if you check back that video is posted Sunday mornings definitely check back and see that so you can prep for the upcoming week at CVS first things first we to get printable coupons but we did get some great CVS send a card manufacturer coupons so I wanted to point out the best ones that I think you should send to your card right away so you have them available for deals we did get a new 7 off to ship disposable razor manufacture coupon a 2.50 sent off to Johnson's and if you need hair color we did get the 5 off 2 Clairol send a card coupon as well now along with the 2.50 sent off to we did get a dollar off one Johnson's coupon again these are CVS send a card coupons so send them to your account ASAP we got a dollar off tide simply pods these are 294 use the coupon you'll grab them for a dollar 90 for this week cereal coupon dollar off to always good to send those to your account for deals we did get some great bounce to pounds we got a $2.00 off of one along with $1 off of one so if you didn't get your PNG and so those are great coupons to go ahead and send and then we do get these three here 82 off one tied four off to Colgate and then a two off one type odds coupon now hang tight guys we are going to get into those new printable coupons but I do have some deal updates with some CRTs that I received that you may have received as well to make our deals that much more amazing the first one is on the alieve deal that is buy one get one 50% they're also spent 20 again an $8 extra back deal has a limit of one alright so what you want to do is you want to grab four Aleve products here I'm showing the Aleve of back and muscle pain the 50 count your total is gonna come to 2587 because there buy one get one 50% off so you need to use four of the $4 off one Aleve coupons that we just got this week in our 428 smart source and you may have gotten the six off 20 Aleve CRT definitely use this one this week and that's gonna drop your out-of-pocket check it out from 2587 to just three dollars and 87 cents and then for spending $20 you will get back in $8 extra back so we're talking all four completely free and a $4 and 13-cent moneymaker all right and I did have some CRTs to use with this feminine care deal for spend 12 get a $5 extra buck it makes them very close to completely free and the deal is go ahead and grab four of the carefree active fresh liners at 479 they're on sale for buy one get one 50% so your total will come to 1436 we have a three off to CVS app manufacturer coupons send that to your CVS account and then we have 75 cent off one coupons in our 4/7 smart source so use two of those now I did get a $2.00 off of two liners pads tampons CRT and I also got a $2.00 off of a $10 any liners pads tampons CR T so one is a threshold the other one is just a buy to get $2 off you can combine them that's going to drop your on a packet to 586 and you will get back a $5 extra back that makes off for products 86 cents or only 22 cents each and today I got a great a $4 off of 20 a boost CRT to make the boost steel even better this week so here is the update so with this deal the Boost drinks are buy one get one 50% off they're also buy forged and $8 extra Beck limit of one you want to grab four of the original price at 9:49 with the sale they're gonna come to 28:46 we have $2 off one coupons that we just got in this week's 428 insert and then you want to use that for off 20 boost CRT you're going to pay 16 46 get back an eight dollar extra buck final cost is just eight dollars and 46 cents for all four packs or only two dollars and 11 cents each and there are more new CRT matchups those are the best so be sure to check back in my CVS haul video which will be posted later today now here we go into our printable coupons so don't forget to go into your store apps and send a card your manufacturer coupons you have extra coupons for deals we did get a two dollar and 50 cent off to Johnson's you definitely want to print these we've been getting some super hot deals as well as $1 off one Johnson so I really recommend these coupons and I do recommend this $4 off of any to Colgate coupon we have so many deals on Colgate that you want to go ahead and print here are some other coupons we got a 5 off of 2 Clairol hair color printable coupon now we did get a ton of eye care a contact solution two off of the bio true way to get a $5 off of the twin pack of the renew contact solution and we did get a $2.00 on the renew 12 ounce or larger we also got a $5 on the bio true twin pack now along with a lot of I Cooper we got a ton of dog food coupons we got $10 off of two 12 count Bella wet dog food we got $3 on the Purina Beneful bagged dog food we also got a $2 on the 3 pound or larger Purina Bella and we did get $2 $2 and $0.50 on 6 of the trays and we got a $0.50 kaboom coupon so print your coupons and now guys they are all available in the description box below so I hope this video was helpful for you guys to get a kick start on your couponing this morning again check back for my stop and watch video I have a lot of stop and hold CRTs for next week May 5th you won't want to miss it because we're gonna get some really awesome freebies already guys thanks for watching and I'll talk to you later bye bye