Hey what’s up everybody thought I’d
share with you about a brand new purchase I made I’ve got the he pillow
the Eve mattress I’m going to do an honest review for you about this
branding product when they’re delivered it’s exactly how they showed up you
don’t have to sign for it nothing take it inside you’re going to
unbox it we’re going to test out the mattress check us to make sure this is a
legit mattress before you purchase it also Eve contacted me they know that I
do reviews and they said Jonathan for your audience we’re going to give you a
special promotional code you can click on that at any point in the video at the
end of the video I’ll have something for you so that you
can make sure that when you purchase this you’re getting the best discount
possible I’ll continue to update it that’s my job to protect the consumer
and make sure when you’re purchasing your next mattress not only is it a good
mattress which we’ll see in a minute but you’re getting the best feel for it
so let’s go inside let’s check out the eve mattress ok so one thing real quick
comes with a little pamphlet it says your eve mattress has arrived
successfully no da says rest assured it may appear small but it will grow over
the next 4-6 hours guys guess what this is a king-sized mattress like a big hit
like this little guys 6 foot ball anyone can manage it this is incredible I’ve
never have unpacked a lot of mattresses is the smallest one I’ve seen this is
totally manageable for college students for
people that can’t lift as strong as me whatever it might be this amazing let’s
go inside let’s see this thing come on okay you guys can hear it it’s filling
up filling up with air so you got to be quick goal is to flip it over and get it
into position like so so the one it fills out easier to manage
as you can see it looks thin we’re going to wait four to six hours and let this
thing fill up with there and then we’re going to test it out in the meantime
this is grit okay here we go alright guys so we’ve waited a while
made sure that this filled up now if you’re like me right away I’m not a big
yellow fan right maybe some of you are but it’s not really my favorite thing
the great thing is you put sheets over your mattress so if you want to have
purple sheets you get purple if you want pink sheets pink whatever doesn’t matter
don’t let the yellow thing bother you now here’s the thing with eve this is
one material it is solid memory foam remember a few years ago they came out
with memory foam and it was the big crave for pillows and mattresses a lot
of mattresses have it just at the top this is a full wide mattress full of
solid memory foam so if you’re a big memory foam fan this is the bed for you
and the cool thing is the price point not only is it a 10 year warranty so
you’re guaranteed you’re not going to waste some money but the price is
unbelievable it’s probably one of the cheapest beds on the Internet
anyway this is the mattress I’m about to test it here we go I like this this is
very nice guys and it’s it’s a lot softer I remember I try and ghost bed
this is a lot softer than the ghost bed probably a little softer than Brooklyn
purple bed is a different category I don’t know how to explain the difference
between this and purple purple has a totally different body but this is just
grips you it holds you into a nice breathable layer so you’re not going to
be sweating a whole lot the memory foam let me try turning feel faster it is
turning you can parks pretty fast I give it probably a 7 out of 10 I wouldn’t say
it’s a 10 out of 10 it’s not completely responsive but definitely a comfy bed
this is not for someone that wants a very very very firm mattress it’s not
going to be good this is a bed that you just collapse in and it sucks you right
in so initial response this is really comfortable
and again I’m amazed that this is only a six hundred bucks or five to six five to
seven hundred dollars depending on the size queen king this is a really good
value so for 10 year warranty – and I think they give a hundred days most of
the companies are given a hundred days if you don’t like it send it back so I’m
looking forward to sleeping on this one and yeah I’ll give you a review in the
morning god bless you guys well good morning everybody I like this
bed oh my goodness this right here is the heat pillow there’s two of them here
Wow this whole thing is amazing you’re
literally sleeping on a cloud of memory foam so big thumbs up nicely done for
the value credible deal so make sure you grab your mattress you can click on the
link whatever you want to do don’t click on the link but seriously it’s a great
value it’s not the highest and mattress you’ll ever ever buy but that’s fine
it’s not supposed to be it’s simple it’s memory foam and it reassures you with
the 10 year warranty so good job Eve I really enjoyed the sleep have a great
rest of your day everybody happy mattress shopping god bless you bye you