hey guys it’s Tasha and Joseph from one
big happy and today we are sharing ten frugal habits to live by alright let’s
talk about frugal habits live by and these are in no particular order except
number one is actually number one number one define what frugality means to you
everyone’s definition of frugality will vary because we’re not all in the same
place financially or even in the same life stage so it might be frugal for a
cup of retired couple to travel the world versus a young couple who just got
married fresh out of college with a whole bunch of student loan debt may not
be so frugal for them and so if you are looking for a community that is without
all that money judgment and it’s perfectly accepting of someone who likes
to buy their bags from the thrift store and someone who’d for them frugality
means buying a Michael Kors bag instead of a Louis Vuitton bag this is your
place because we don’t judge we are just here to help and support each other
along the path to financial independence and encourage you to be as frugal as you
need to be to accomplish your financial goals
number two pay yourself first now this means focus on savings first get your
important priorities your future financial wealth building get that
covered immediately and keep that separate so you don’t even touch it
and that works itself out you invest that it grows over time and you don’t
have to worry about it yeah you guys know we’re huge fans of paying yourself
first even if it’s a little bit over a long period of time it took us five
years to save our first hundred thousand dollars because we were just saving tiny
tiny amounts hey did you remember to subscribe hit the subscribe button it’s
like right over there somewhere way over there and there’s a bell you
want to hit that too. it won’t ding but it’ll give you notifications
but those tiny amounts added up over time and less than two years later we
had our second 200,000 and then we hit 240 today so hopefully we’ll hit 250 by
the end of the year but it’s just like it snowballs so the earlier you start
the better number 3 think long term this is so
important because the goal here is not oh can i buy this fancy car next year
really the ultimate goal is to have wealth for your family for your
retirement over the course of your life and so if you sacrifice some short-term
oh I got this fancy thing or this does neat new gadget and it sacrifices the
bigger picture the years of enjoyment of financial independence and freedom with
your family then something went wrong there so do not lose sight of that
long-term picture and when you think about that how could you ever possibly
make a short-term decision that would hurt that and if you need some
additional guidance on the path to get from where you are now to where you want
to be eventually which is the seven steps to financial freedom we did a
video on that so check it out number four eliminate waste that means eat all
your food don’t let it go bad that’s why when we meal prep we prioritize recipes
that will allow us to freeze stuff because we know if it’s frozen it’s not
going to go bad we just take it out of the freezer when we need it and we
reheat it your produce when you buy your produce use up all of your produce I
mean I think Americans waste what tons and tons hundreds of dollars in food
every year so don’t waste save yourself money well and beyond just food I mean
they’re gonna be a number of things that maybe you identify that oh you don’t
really have to buy them because those things are wasteful to you and that’s
fine too we also talked about that oh okay
number five try to have a minimum seven day cooling off period before you buy
something I would say unusual not just necessarily expensive but just unusual
if it’s expensive 30 days is ideal but at least seven because if it’s a
whimsical oh I just this thing is so cool I’m gonna get it well that will
pass in a week and then you’ll think you know I’m really glad that I didn’t get
that it is very rare for me to ever regret not spending money yeah I think
we’ve been wanting a drone for quite a while like ever since we started this
YouTube channel and watching other people with the drones. We’re like oh
the drone but we have resisted the urge maybe next year we’ll see how things go
but it’s so it’s gonna be more like a six month to one year cooling-off period
among the drone which if you saw my video I lifted my camera like it was
a drone just for fun. so on that note number six keep a prioritized list of
things that you want to buy so that means ordering them in from most
important to least important because that will help prepare you when the
deals come along for you to go ahead and snatch them up and of course you can
also then start budgeting for them because you know that you want them you
know approximately what they’re going to cost so then you can start planning for
it so that you can either pay cash for them or use your credit card with
rewards and then pay that off immediately so that you’re not paying
any interest but you’re getting the free money from your credit card company the
reason you want it prioritized is to help you you are not gonna be able to
remember a big long list that’s all mixed up when you’re looking for a great
deal you’re only gonna be able to think of the top things and so that just makes
it easier for you and at the end of the day like one of my favorite bloggers
Paula plant Pant says you can afford anything but you can’t afford everything
so this makes sure that you get the anything that’s the most important to
you number seven avoid deals and ads that have great deals on them until you
need them so this means if all you get those circulars and emails that from
websites that we’ve all signed up on yeah go ahead and keep those in your
spam folder until you identify the need so when you say this
is definitely the thing that I’m going to buy then the hunt starts that’s when
you start going through the circle circulators but only for that thing and
then you won’t get distracted by all this other stuff that could make you
kind of murky on your priorities just for a little bit but know your true goal
and then hunt for that deal number eight buy quality instead of
quantity so you guys saw examples of this in my minimalist capsule wardrobe
if you’ve seen it and so I don’t have that many items of clothing that’s my
preference but the items of clothing I do own are high quality items and that
goes down to even my bras so I have never talked about this on the channel
before so my bras are actually relatively expensive most of them cost
sixty to seventy dollars for one reason it’s because you know they have a lot to
support and the support is important and I have just found that lower priced bras
they they wear out very quickly so I actually only rotate three bras and
they’ll last me for well over a year without any problem and that’s with
regular weekly use, heavy duty, use so quality over quantity and I just
realized we’re talking about this now. That’s ok we’re like family number nine find joy at home now this
means doing things with your family that are you know building closeness and
those personal friendships with your family and you guys know that you see
that in our vlogs where we’re doing things around the house and having fun
the fall leaves vlog the Halloween vlog we one thing you don’t know we like to
play video games together this is Rayman
legends and we’ve had hours and hours and hours of family fun with this we’ve
also played Diablo World of Warcraft and that’s me Joseph and Alexis reeves is
still too young obviously and were huge board game aficionados and we
will do a video on our favorite board games like our top 10 because we
actually have a good number but we’re just gonna share a couple with you
so risk legacy this one is lots of fun and these are family games things that
we played with Alexis – and this one is Alexis this personal favorite
scattegories I think this is a joint family favorite Dominion and I think we
have like I don’t know that’s conscious favorite we like it but but
it’s not the favorite I don’t know that I have a really strong favorite
game but I like a number of them number 10
use a credit card with good rewards there is absolutely no reason that your
credit card should not be giving you something extra because they make money
every time you use that card you ought to get a discount every time you use
that card too and so everything should be at least giving you back 1% hopefully
more alright that is it guys 10 frugal habits to live by save money build
wealth live life on your own terms so we’ll see you guys next time